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10 Reasons to Travel in the Low Season in Samoa
10 Reasons to Travel in the Low Season in Samoa

10 Reasons to Travel in the Low Season in Samoa

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Visit Samoa in the Off-Season!

With sunny tropical weather all year round, Samoa is one of those idealistic island paradises that doesn’t necessarily have a bad time to visit. Nevertheless, there are times of the year when people choose to avoid Samoa after hearing utterances of “wet season” and “cyclone season”. Since those travellers don’t do their research, this leaves the country gloriously uncrowded during this time; creating the low season.

When is the Low Season in Samoa?

The low season or “off-season” in Samoa is during the middle of the wet season, from February to March, while the shoulder seasons of April to June and September to November are often also considered a quiet time to travel. Learn more about the low and shoulder seasons in The Best Time to Visit Samoa. We go through all of the benefits of travelling during these times in this list of reasons to travel in the low season in Samoa!

1. Cheap Accommodation Deals!

The first of many money-saving reasons for travelling in the low season in Samoa is that accommodation is significantly cheaper! Any time from September to mid-December and from mid-January to April, not only will you see prices change across the months on platforms like and Expedia, but many accommodations offer special low-season deals on their websites. We’ve seen the difference between low and high season rates as much as ST$400! Plus, low-season deals such as “stay seven nights, pay for six” are also very common.

10 Reasons to Travel in the Low Season in Samoa©

2. Less Tourists!

Admit it; no one likes tourists, not even tourists! We jest, of course, but if you’d rather not have people blocking your waterfall photos or having to wait to use the ladder at To Sua Ocean Trench then the low season is your season!

10 Reasons to Travel in the Low Season in Samoa©

3. More Sustainable!

Travelling in the low season puts less strain on infrastructure, making it a more sustainable time to travel to Samoa. Since you’re on a roll, see the 30 Ways to Travel More Sustainably in Samoa.

10 Reasons to Travel in the Low Season in Samoa©

4. Samoa is Beautiful All Year Round (But the Waterfalls are Better in the Wet Season)

Lush green interiors, white sands, turquoise lagoons and on-and-off blue skies: Samoa looks the same all year round. In fact, we’d even say that it looks slightly better in the low season as the country’s abundance of waterfalls put on more of a show after heavy rainfalls during the wet season. In fact, some waterfalls even dry up completely during the dry/high season.

10 Reasons to Travel in the Low Season in Samoa©

5. There are Plenty of Events Going On

Some of the biggest cultural events happen during the low and shoulder seasons in Samoa. Experience the iconic Teuila Festival for a week in September, see the kids all dressed in white during October’s White Sunday, and witness the phenomenon of Palolo Rising during October and/or November.

Get planning the events you want to experience in The Top Events & Festivals in Samoa and the 5 Biggest Festivals in Samoa.

10 Reasons to Travel in the Low Season in Samoa© Samoa Tourism Authority

6. Be More Spontaneous

In the high season, the islands’ most popular resorts are often fully booked months in advance, while getting a table at Apia’s best restaurants can be a mission! Forget about that in the low season. You can even book your trip last minute and still find a decent resort room, as well as do tours and activities on the fly.

10 Reasons to Travel in the Low Season in Samoa©

7. Experience Better Service

While Samoans are all smiles all year round – it’s just part of their culture, they are perhaps a little too overwhelmed in the high season to give every guest or patron the same superb service. Travel in the low season and you’ll find a better staff-to-visitor ratio, where local staff will be able to spend more time with you and even take the time to tell you more about the hidden gems of Samoa.

10 Reasons to Travel in the Low Season in Samoa©

8. Flights are Cheaper (Sometimes)

Ok, so working out when to get the cheapest airfares is an art that no one seems to really understand with an ever-changing social, economical and environmental climate. But, when there aren’t pandemics or various other worldwide catastrophes going on, the general rule is that flights are cheaper to Samoa in the low season. This tends to just apply to flights coming from New Zealand and Australia, however. See How to Book a Cheap Flight to Samoa for more advice.

10 Reasons to Travel in the Low Season in Samoa©

9. You’re Highly Unlikely to Be Taken Out by a Cyclone

A fear that many potential visitors to Samoa have about visiting in the low season is that they’ll be taken out by a cyclone. This is highly unlikely, as cyclones affecting Samoa are usually pretty slim. There have only been a handful of cyclones that have seriously damaged Samoa over the last 50 years.

Find out more about the cyclone risk in Cyclone Safety in Samoa: How to Prepare for a Cyclone in Samoa.

10 Reasons to Travel in the Low Season in Samoa©

10. Be Home for Christmas

Mid-way through Samoa’s low season, it gets a rude awakening around Christmas time when Samoans return home to visit families. During this time, attractions are packed, car rentals are fully booked, and flights are expensive. So spend Christmas at home with loved ones instead.

10 Reasons to Travel in the Low Season in Samoa©

More About the Low Season in Samoa

That’s it for our reasons to travel in the low season in Samoa. For more advice on low-season travel, take a look at the following guides:

Finally, plan your entire trip to Samoa from scratch using The Best Samoa Travel Guide.


Robin C.

This article was reviewed and published by Robin, the co-founder of Samoa Pocket Guide. He has lived, worked and travelled across 16 different countries before settling in the South Pacific, so he knows a thing or two about planning the perfect trip in this corner of the world. Robin works and consults regularly with the Samoa Tourism Authority, a local government body representing the tourism industry. Robin is also the co-founder of several other South Pacific travel guides and is a regular host of webinars with the South Pacific Tourism Organisation.

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