20 Top Reasons to Visit Samoa
20 Top Reasons to Visit Samoa

20 Top Reasons to Visit Samoa

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Why is Samoa a Good Place to Visit?

Blip! Samoa is on your radar! The allure of the white sands, swaying coconut palms, wonderful waterfalls and Polynesian charm is drawing you in. But why, really, should you visit Samoa? Well, we only have 20 reasons to visit Samoa, so get scrolling to find out!

1. Amazing Volcanic Islands Landscapes

Samoa consists of two large main islands and around eight smaller islands – and the landscapes will simply take your breath away. The islands of Upolu and Savai’i are volcanic islands with jagged peaks and craters surrounded by lush rainforests detailed by magnificent waterfalls.

Under the surface, there are many lava tubes and caves, while the coast is where you’ll find almost all of Samoa’s quaint villages characterised by traditional open-air architecture and roadsides decorated with flowers. The coasts are either cliffs of ancient lava flow dramatically dropping into the ocean below or soft sandy beaches sloping into a turquoise lagoon.

Learn more about the landscapes and natural sights to visit in The Top 20 Natural Wonders in Samoa.

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2. The Culture is So Accessible

Unlike some other countries in the South Pacific, the proud culture of Samoa can be felt as soon as you land; it’s not something kept for shows at your resort (although there’s that too). Travel through any village and you’ll observe local weavers or matai meetings taking place in the open-air fales, while beach fale accommodations allow you to be hosted by local families serving Samoan meals as part of the experience.

There’s so much more to unpack about Samoa’s Polynesian culture that has been present on the islands for some 3,000 years, so head to A Traveller’s Guide to the Samoan Culture to learn more.

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3. Glorious Weather

Samoa is a tropical country with warm temperatures consistently between 24°C and 30°C (75-86°F) all year round! With plenty of sunshine, and admittedly a fair few heavy showers to keep the rainforest as lush as can be, the weather is certainly idyllic for most.

Learn more about the weather here in Samoa Weather, Seasons & Climate + Samoa Weather by Month.

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4. Easy to Access from New Zealand and Australia…

If you’re coming from New Zealand or Australia, well, Samoa couldn’t be an easier destination to get to. There are multiple flights per day from Auckland Airport, while there are several departures per week from Sydney and Brisbane.

See Which Airlines Fly Directly to Samoa? to see how easy it is to get here!

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5. … And Easy to Add to an Island-Hopping Itinerary

Samoa is even connected to several other South Pacific Islands, making it a worthy country to add to the list while doing some island-hopping!

Check out Which Airlines Fly Directly to Samoa? to see how to fly to Samoa from Hawaii, Fiji and American Samoa.

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6. The Wildlife Will Make You Squeak in Your Snorkel

Samoa is also blessed with amazing wildlife, both on land and in the water. Snorkelling with majestic turtles among coral (some of the best snorkelling in the South Pacific, might we add?) and tropical fish is a highlight, while various reserves and national parks allow nature lovers to easily spot birds, skinks and more!

Find out more about wildlife in our guide, Wildlife in Samoa: Animals in Samoa & Where to See Them.

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7. Samoa is Not “Full of Tourists”

Want to truly get away from it all? Samoa is still a very underrated destination, so you will rarely find yourself sharing waterfalls, beaches and nature walks with other tourists – this is even more the case on the lesser-visited islands of Savai’i or Manono! In fact, if you are to share any of Samoa’s attractions with others, it’s more likely to be with locals who love to travel their own country.

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8. There are All Types of Lodgings (Including Unique Beach Fales)…

Whatever your style, there’s an accommodation to suit. From that familiar resort holiday to Samoa’s own huts on the beach known as “beach fales”, there’s an amazing range of holiday experiences. Start browsing them in Where to Stay in Samoa: The Best Accommodations in Samoa and The Top 25 Resorts in Samoa.

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9. … And All Types of Activities

Nature and culture, free and expensive, active and relaxing: there are activities right across the spectrum in Samoa. There are far too many to list here, but head to the 101 Best Things to Do in Samoa to get a good idea of what you’re in for.

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10. Local Dishes and Drinks Will Awaken Your Palate

If you’re an adventurous eater, then you’ll love the variety of local dishes and even beverages that are homegrown in Samoa. Start your day with koko alaisa, a comforting rice dish made with cocoa grown on the islands, then snack on tempting baked goods available at just about any convenience store, like keke saiga and keke pua’a, and conclude your day with creamy palusami and cooked fish, talo, plantain, etc. all slow-cooked in an umu! Wash it all down with Samoa’s very own Vailima or Taula beer, a tropical fruit smoothie, koko Samoa or vai tipolo!

Get your mouth watering by checking out Traditional Samoan Food: 20 Foods to Try in Samoa and 14 Drinks in Samoa You Have to Try.

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11. Samoa Can Be Incredibly Cheap

Samoa isn’t a country where you feel like you’re getting squeezed for every last cent of your tourist dollar. There are some incredibly good-value accommodations considering beach fales come with a hearty breakfast and dinner included, bus travel is dirt-cheap while taxis are reasonably priced, local food and goods at the markets are incredibly affordable.

It’s true, you do have to pay to visit some of the natural attractions, like waterfalls and beaches. But most of these attractions are only a few tala and, as an incentive to keep these pristine pieces of paradise continuing to be pristine, we’re not complaining.

Don’t believe us? Head to our Samoa Travel Budget: How Much Does a Trip to Samoa Cost? to see how cheap Samoa can be!

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12. The Islands are Small Enough to Be Easy to Explore Yet Large Enough to Not Get Bored

Road-tripping around the islands, waterfall-hopping, beach-hopping, cave-hopping and such, are some of the joys of visiting Samoa. However, Samoa’s two main islands, Upolu and Savai’i, are not small enough to easily drive around in a day yet not too big to take all week either. As a result, it is possible to plan a variety of itineraries that strike the right balance of adventure and relaxation. In fact, we’ve done most of the hard work for you in our Trip Ideas category.

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13. English is Widely Spoken

If you’re reading this list of reasons to visit Samoa, chances are, you speak English. So do most people in Samoa, making it an effortlessly easy island to travel to for English speakers. Learn more about the languages of Samoa in What is the Samoa Language?

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14. Unique Crafts

One that takes many visitors by surprise is how amazing and unique the crafts and gifts are from Samoa. Browse any market or gift store and you’ll see an array of finely woven bags, colourful lavalava (sarongs), handprinted attire, coconut jewellery and body care products. Learn more about these crafts in the 10 Best Souvenirs & Gifts from Samoa.

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15. Safe to Travel

Samoa is one of the safest countries to travel to. With very little crime, no seriously dangerous animals, and no malaria, Samoa’s main concern is sunburn! Check out Samoa Safety Tips: Is it Safe to Travel to Samoa? for all the information and any safety tips that you’ll need.

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16. It’s Great For Couples…

With glorious resorts, many even offering wedding and honeymoon services, and beach fales providing a more adventurous “beach glamping” experience, Samoa certainly offers some romantic stays for couples. Combine this with many romantic backdrops that are usually enjoyed unaccompanied by others, and Samoa presents a tempting prospect for couples.

Plan your romantic escape starting with The Honeymoon & Romantic Getaway Guide to Samoa.

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17. … Families…

Samoa is an easy and fun destination to take the family to. Kids are accepted at almost all of Samoa’s resorts and Samoa is like a natural playground. Break the usual cycle of a Fiji, Rarotonga or Bali holiday and try something a little different!

Learn more about planning a family trip in The Complete Travel Guide to Samoa for Families.

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18. … And Backpackers!

Quick! Before Samoa becomes just another South Pacific Island that’s full of resorts, strap on your backpack and enjoy an awesome and inexpensive trip to paradise. Rent a scooter or hop on one of the wacky island buses and travel the country staying at a different beach fale or guesthouse each night, experiencing genuine hospitality and meeting other adventurous world-travellers along the way.

Plan it all starting with The Backpacking & Budget Travel Guide to Samoa.

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19. It Will Force You to Unplug

The WiFi in Samoa is so expensive that it will force you to unplug! That’s right, we’re spinning this into a positive because people visiting Samoa are usually in need of a digital detox.

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20. Enjoy a Slower Pace of Life

If you need a break from the rat race, Samoa is ideal. Even the driving speed limit is 50 kph (or 56 kph to be exact)! You’ll learn to slow down and enjoy life at a more relaxed pace, especially if travelling to Savai’i.

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More Reasons to Visit Samoa

Another reason to visit Samoa is that we make planning a trip there so easy! Check out these guides to make your trip to Samoa effortless:

Finally, do a little good by planning a more sustainable trip to the islands using the 30 Ways to Travel More Sustainably in Samoa.


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