Taxis in Samoa: Taxi Fares, How to Use & More ๐Ÿš– [2023]
Taxis in Samoa: Taxi Fares, How to Use & More ๐Ÿš– [2023]

Taxis in Samoa: Taxi Fares, How to Use & More ๐Ÿš– [2024]


The Complete Guide to Taxis in Samoa

Ah, the convenience of taxis. Taxis are the universal symbol of “getting around”, and the islands of Samoa have certainly jumped on the taxi bandwagon! Awash in taxi companies with their logos splayed on taxi stands, taxis are one of the main ways to travel around the islands and can even be pretty cost-effective. Find out how to use taxis, as well as the cost, in this complete guide to taxis in Samoa!

5 Tips for Taking a Taxi in Samoa

  1. Taxis are not metered in Samoa, so ask about the fare before agreeing to a ride
  2. Most taxis, especially in Apia, are available 24/7 although you have less choice on a Sunday
  3. You are free to sit anywhere in a taxi in Samoa; front or back – there’s no stigma for sitting in the front
  4. It is acceptable to negotiate a taxi fare in Samoa, but it depends on the driver whether they reciprocate with a good deal
  5. Many taxis are open to day hires or an hourly rate, with some rates being comparable to car rentals, so it’s always worth inquiring.
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What are Taxis Like in Samoa?

Taxis in Samoa are a mixed bag of modern and pretty old vehicles with seats usually for up to four passengers but some minivans are also available. Taxis will have the taxi sign on the roof of the vehicle, while many will also have the taxi company’s logo displayed on the doors. Licensed taxis also have a number plate with the letter โ€œTโ€ at the beginning of the registration number.

Many taxi drivers in Samoa take a lot of pride in their vehicles, some suited up with spoilers and nicknacks while others may have tropical-inspired decals. We’ve seen this particularly on Savai’i.

Taxis don’t run on meters in Samoa, so it is customary to agree on a price with the driver before accepting a ride. Fares are paid in cash. More on taxi fares can be found in the “How Much Does a Taxi Cost in Samoa?” section below.

It is also possible to hire taxi drivers for the day, with many open to negotiating hourly and day rates. See A Guide to Private Drivers in Samoa for more tips on hiring a taxi driver.

Finally, taxis in Samoa tend to operate 24/7.

Taxis in Samoa: Taxi Fares, How to Use & More ๐Ÿš– [2023]©

Where to Get a Taxi in Samoa

Taxis in Samoa are available on the two main islands, Upolu and Savai’i.

Taxis on Upolu

Taxis can be found in abundance on Upolu in all of the key centres where you would want to find a taxi: Faleolo Airport, Mulifanua Wharf, the Fugalei Market and Flea Market in Apia and meeting cruise ships passengers at the Apia Harbour. In addition, many villages in and around Samoa’s capital Apia and across Upolu have taxi stands indicated by the sun-damaged sign of the taxi company’s logo, name and phone number. In short, you’re never too far away from a taxi on Upolu.

For more on transport on Samoa’s main island, check out our Upolu Transport Guide: 11 Ways to Get to (& Around) Upolu.

Taxis on Savai’i

Although less populated than Upolu, Savai’i is an island where locals use taxis frequently and therefore, it’s easy enough to find a taxi. Taxis wait eagerly at Salelologa Wharf for arriving ferries from Upolu and can also be found in their droves at the Salelologa Market. Like Upolu, there are taxi stands in many of the villages across Savai’i.

For more on transport on Samoa’s “big island”, check out our Savai’i Transport Guide: 9 Ways to Get to (& Around) Savai’i.

Taxis in Samoa: Taxi Fares, How to Use & More ๐Ÿš– [2023]©

How to Get a Taxi in Samoa

Getting a taxi in Samoa is pretty simple: give a taxi company a phone call, get your accommodation to call on your behalf, or show up at a taxi stand.

Call a Taxi!

The easiest way to get a taxi in Samoa is to simply give a taxi company a call. There’s a dizzying number of taxi companies in Samoa, so we simply can’t list them all here, but a few examples include:

  • Tuvao Taxi Services (Apia) – 840 0841
  • AutoBots Transport (Apia) – 73 55655
  • Lalelei o Faleata Taxi Service (Apia) – 77 44806
  • DB Taxi Service (Apia) – 22380
  • Samoa Lager Taxi Stand (Apia) – 25909
  • Tropicana Taxi Service (Apia) – 21390 / 72 74120
  • Apia Harbour Taxi (Apia) – 845 1217 / 76 54001
  • Samoa Islands Taxi Stand (Apia) – 77 76674
  • Lalelei O Atua Taxi Stand (Apia) – 77 78903 / 60 2111
  • Kol-A Cab (Vaitele-Uta) – 24713 / 84 24713
  • Freddy’s Taxi Service (Motootua) – 24232 / 84 24232
  • Nu’usavili Taxi Stand (Saleilua) – 77 43653
  • Tama O Le Oli Taxi Stand (Malaemalu) – 76 54768 / 60 1825
  • Alamaligi Taxi (Lepa) – 75 10825 / 77 55242
  • Lion Taxi Stand (Savai’i) – 76 39371
  • Jaynia Taxi Service (Savai’i) – 84 22663
  • Isabell Taxi Service (Savai’i) – 84 00095 / 77 87689
  • Tagiilima Taxi Services (Savai’i) – 72 27747 / 77 97518

You might want to be prepared for jotting down a few phone numbers as you go; taxis usually display phone numbers on their logos found on the front passenger doors, as well as at taxi stands.

The international dialling code for Samoa is “+685”. Learn more about making calls in Samoa in Will Your Phone Work in Samoa? and The Best SIM Card in Samoa for Travellers.

Get Your Hotel/Resort to Call a Taxi for You

Sometimes it’s just easier to ask the reception of your hotel, resort or even beach fale to call a taxi for you on your behalf. Local staff will know which taxi stand is the closest and will be able to call you a cab accordingly.

Samoa Taxi Stands

Simply showing up at a taxi stand is another way to get a taxi in Samoa. They are usually easy enough to spot, if not for the accumulation of taxi vehicles then for the rough signs of the company’s logo followed by the words “Taxi Stand” or “Taxi Service”.

You won’t find many taxi stands highlighted on “Google Maps” but just ask a local where the nearest taxi stand is if you’re struggling to find one.

Can You Hail Down a Taxi in Samoa?

Samoa is not like the streets of New York. Hailing down a taxi isn’t all too common, but is most likely possible in Apia where taxis and traffic are at their most “lively”.

Taxis on the move in Samoa tend to be in service; either carrying a passenger or on the way to pick one up. This is especially true for the quiet roads of Savai’i and Upolu. Therefore, you are unlikely to have much luck at hailing down a taxi under these circumstances. Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt to try and the driver may be able to call you another cab.

Taxis in Samoa: Taxi Fares, How to Use & More ๐Ÿš– [2023]©

How Much Does a Taxi Cost in Samoa?

Samoa’s taxis do not run on meters. A flat fare is agreed upon before setting off, which often means you can get taxis in Samoa for a reasonable price. There is the temptation, however, for taxi drivers to overcharge palagi (foreigners) so it’s good to have a rough idea of a fair price before agreeing to a ride.

Fares in Samoa usually start at ST$3. Note that the prices listed below are approximations.

Taxi Fares on Upolu

  • Around Apia – ST$3-$6
  • Apia – Vailima (RLS Museum) – ST$7-$9
  • Apia – Faleolo Airport – ST$60-$80
  • Apia – Mulifanua Wharf – ST$70-$90
  • Apia – South coast (Coconuts Beach Club, Sinalei Reef) – ST$50-$70
  • Apia – West side (Return to Paradise) – ST$65-$80
  • Apia – Northeast side (Piula Cave Pools) – ST$30-$40
  • Faleolo Airport – West side (Return to Paradise) – ST$30-$45
  • Faleolo Airport – East side (Lalomanu) – ST$90-$120

For more taxi fares from Faleolo Airport, check out How Much Does a Samoa Airport Taxi Cost?

Taxi Fares on Savai’i

  • Around Salelologa – ST$3-$5
  • Salelologa – Faga (Amoa Resort) – ST$25-$30
  • Salelologa – Asaga (Asaga Mangroves) – ST$30-$40
  • Salelologa – Fagamalo (Le Lagoto, Savaii Lagoon) – ST$80-$90
  • Salelologa – Manase (Stevensons, Tanu Beach Fales, Tailua Beach Fales) – ST$85-$100
  • Salelologa – Asau (Va-i-Moana) – ST$150-$160
  • Salelologa – Falealupo – ST$150-$160.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Taxi in Samoa for the Day?

If you hit it off with a taxi driver early into your trip, it might be worth keeping their phone number to use their services throughout your stay. Some taxi drivers are happy to negotiate an hourly or daily fee to essentially be your private driver!

Of course, prices can vary for this service, but an approximate cost to hire a taxi in Samoa for the day is ST$150-$200, which is comparable to hiring a car. Hourly rates can range from ST$30-$50. Again, see A Guide to Private Drivers in Samoa for more tips.

Check out more costs to budget for your trip using our guide, Samoa Travel Budget: How Much Does a Trip to Samoa Cost?

More About Taxis in Samoa

That’s it for our complete guide to taxis in Samoa. Need to know more? Check out our other transport articles:

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