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Samoa Food Itinerary: 10 Days
Samoa Food Itinerary: 10 Days

Samoa Food Itinerary: 10 Days


10-Day Foodie Trip to Samoa

Travel is an experience for the senses, so dive into the flavours of Samoa, mouth-first, with this Samoa food itinerary for 10 days! With a full 10 days at your disposal, you have enough time to explore not one but two islands, from Upolu with its culinary capital, Apia, to the more traditional island of Savai’i awash in organic plantations and authentic foodie experiences. So, pack your bags and ready your knife and fork because this 10-day food itinerary of Samoa will blow your mind and, most importantly, your palate!

While you’re here, don’t forget to open The Food Guide to Samoa: Places to Eat & Food Tours, which is your complete foodie bible to Samoa!

Overview: Samoa Food 10-Day Itinerary

  • Day 1 – Arrival in Samoa + Ferry to Savai’i
  • Day 2 – Village Walk & Koko Samoa Demonstration
  • Day 3 – Savai’i North Coast Road Trip
  • Day 4 – Koko Plantation Tour + Explore Falealupo
  • Day 5 – Savai’i South Coast Road Trip
  • Day 6 – Ferry to Upolu + Apia
  • Day 7 – Explore Apia
  • Day 8 – Northeast Coast Trip (Private Chef Tour)
  • Day 9 – Cross Island Road Trip (Private Chef Tour)
  • Day 10 – Departure Day.
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How to Get Around Samoa in 10 Days

This Samoa food itinerary for 10 days includes travel on two islands, as well as between these islands. Here’s a quick rundown on how to get around Samoa in 10 days.

Road Transport in Samoa

For travelling around Upolu and Savai’i, car hire offers the most flexibility and convenience. Get advice on car hire from What You Need to Hire a Car in Samoa. Alternatively, this itinerary is doable with a mix of taxis (see Taxis in Samoa: Taxi Fares, How to Use & More), hiring private drivers (see How to Hire a Driver in Samoa for more advice), as well as taking guided tours such as the 10 Best Sightseeing Tours in Samoa.

Interisland Transport in Samoa

There are no domestic flights in Samoa, so the only way to get between the islands of Upolu and Savai’i is via the interisland ferry. The ferry has a convenient schedule of around three departures per day on weekdays and at least one per day on weekends. If you’re travelling in a rental car, it’s recommended to pre-book your ferry ticket, which you can easily do through your car rental company. Find out more about using ferry transport in our Samoa Ferry Guide.

For all of your transport options across the islands, check out our Samoa Transport Guide: 14 Best Ways to Get Around Samoa.

Samoa Food Itinerary: 10 Days©

Day 1 – Arrival in Samoa + Ferry to Savai’i

Travel time: 5 minutes drive + 1 hour – 1 hour 30 minutes ferry + 20-30 minutes drive.

Arrival at Faleolo Airport

Welcome to Samoa and the start of your escape to paradise! After the arrivals process of going through customs and biosecurity, you’ll step outside of the arrivals area to where your rental car or airport transfer will be waiting, whether it’s organised through your accommodation or simply a taxi transfer (see your options in the 10 Best Airport Transfers in Samoa). If you arrive on an early morning/late night flight, get some shut-eye at the nearby Sheraton Samoa Beach Resort or Transit Motel.

Ferry to Savai’i

Be at Mulifanua Wharf approximately one hour before your chosen scheduled departure (learn about how to book your vehicle using How to Take a Ferry to Savai’i). Enjoy a scenic crossing to the island of Savai’i where you may also want to purchase a VIP ticket to have access to an exclusive lounge with refreshments onboard.

Salelologa to the East Coast

Upon arrival, take the time to check out the handicrafts and, most importantly, the fresh produce and Samoan snacks of the Salelologa Market. Enjoy a cosy cafe lunch at one of our recommended eateries before making your way to your chosen accommodation on the Savai’i east coast…

Savai’i East Coast Accommodations

For more details on each, take a look at the 10 Best Resorts on Savai’i and the 10 Best Beach Fale Accommodations on Savai’i.

Dining Recommendations

Beyond the resorts, there are very limited opportunities for dining out on Savai’i, so take advantage of the fact that you’ll be driving by the delightful western-style eatery of Adria’s Cafe in Lalomalava on your way up the east coast. Enjoy an array of international meals, paninis and freshly baked treats. Learn more about it in the 10 Best Restaurants on Savai’i.

For dinner, Amoa Resort‘s restaurant boasts a menu of photo-worthy plates, while those staying at the beach fales will get to gorge on a Samoan affair of both traditional and contemporary meals, which you can get an example of in Traditional Samoan Food: 20 Foods to Try in Samoa. The beach fale experience is quite unique, so make sure you learn more about it in Staying in a Beach Fale in Samoa + 10 Essential Tips!

Samoa Food Itinerary: 10 Days©

Day 2 – Village Walk + Koko Samoa Demonstration

Take some time today to relax at your resort or beach fale and perhaps do a bit of snorkelling, as well as take the opportunity to inject some foodie experiences into your day with some of the tours offered by the Amoa Resort. Otherwise, take a look at the 11 Best Foodie Experiences on Savai’i for more activity inspiration.

Village Walk

You’ll drive through many villages during your time on Savai’i but nothing compares to experiencing them at a more relaxed pace. Cue the “Village Walk” of Amoa Resort that takes you to plantations where you’ll touch, smell and, if you’re lucky, taste the fruit, vegetable and herbs lining the village road. These are very casually guided tours, taking more of an approach for you to ask questions rather than sit through a rehearsed speech.

Koko Samoa Demonstration

Another fantastic cultural insight Amoa Resort offers is the Koko Samoa Demonstration. Join the friendly local staff at the resort bar to not only learn how koko Samoa (cocoa) is grown on the island but how locals turn it into a unique version of hot chocolate that’s made every morning in typical Samoan family homes (and usually doesn’t last long either). You’ll understand why this is after trying some of the smooth cocoa goodness for yourself, which is sweetened just to your liking!

Dining Recommendations

For lunch, Taefu T. Matafeo Store Asaga, also known as Netta’s Cake Shop, is a cute cafe both inside with its vibrant beach-style decor and outside in the lush garden, which you can find a little further north in Asaga village.

As for dinner, dine at Amoa Resort‘s restaurant if you haven’t done so already. Alternatively, head into Salelologa to the Harbourside Cafe & Pizza Bar for fresh poke and sashimi and indulgent seafood platters and, of course, pizzas. Find more recommendations in The Food Guide to Savai’i.

Samoa Food Itinerary: 10 Days©

Day 3 – Savai’i North Coast Road Trip

Travel time: 4 hours drive.

East Coast to Asau Bay

Give the culinary temptations a rest and discover some of the north coast highlights as you make your way across the island today, starting with Saleaula Lava Fields. Have a wander around the LMS Church with solidified lava flow right through the middle and enjoy the lava field walk to the coast.

In Manase, stop for an early lunch at Le Lagoto or Stevensons resorts or snorkel with turtles off the beach; otherwise, Dive Savai’i offers spectacular turtle-swimming tours.

Journey along the North Coast Road now, stopping by the architectural marvel of Safotu Cathedral, the oldest Catholic church in Samoa. In the neighbouring village of Matavai is Mataolealelo Spring which provides a revitalising soak in fresh spring water.

You’ll then venture through the remote northern coast of Savai’i, which is shaped by volcanic activity and evident at Pe’ape’a Cave, a short cave attraction just off the side of the road and home to the unusual white-rumped swiftlets. Further along the North Coast Road is also the Laauoleola Cave accessed down a 15-minute nature trail to a much larger cave network – see the 10 Best Caves in Samoa to compare the two.

For more details on everything discussed, check out the 50 Best Things to Do on Savai’i.

Asau Bay Foodie Accommodation

You’ll emerge back into civilisation again once you reach the large village of Asau where Va-i-Moana Seaside Lodge is your home for the next couple of days. Learn more about this accommodation in the 10 Best Resorts on Savai’i.

Dining Recommendations

On the remote northwest corner of Savai’i nestled in Asau Bay, Vai-i-Moana Seaside Lodge is just about the only dining option on this side of the island. Although the restaurant has an unusual system of taking orders from its a la carte menu; orders must be made at reception before 5 pm, it’s worth the wait for impressive sizzling hotplate steak, lobster in mornay sauce, chicken basicolla with mushroom and bacon sauce and, well, simply anything with a generous topping of sauce!

Samoa Food Itinerary: 10 Days©

Day 4 – Koko Plantation Tour + Explore Falealupo

Travel time: 1 hour drive.

Although we recommend putting a trip to Falealupo on the itinerary today, make sure your day also includes the “Koko Plantation Tour” and/or a fishing charter.

Koko Plantation Tour

See where your Whittaker’s Chocolate originates (if you’re from New Zealand) on Va’ai family’s koko farm. Departing from Va-i-Moana Seaside Lodge, the Koko Plantation Tour has you seeing the koko cultivation process from seedlings to dried cocoa beans. For more drinks to try on the islands, check out the 10 Drinks in Samoa You Have to Try.

Fishing Charter

Alternatively (or additionally), head out on the azure waters to catch Pacific pelagics on a fishing charter. Va-i-Moana Seaside Lodge is renowned for its personalised fishing experience of either a half- or full-day charter. They will cook up your catch at their restaurant to try your preferred way. For more on getting “hooked” in Samoa, head to The Ultimate Guide to Fishing in Samoa.

Falealupo Day Trip

Whether it’s before or after your koko plantation experience/fishing charter, explore the westernmost tip of Savai’i and the spectacular Falealupo. All of what we’re about to discuss is listed in more detail in the 50 Best Things to Do on Savai’i.

The first attraction you’ll stumble upon is Moso’s Footprint. The 2 m (6.6 ft)-long foot-shaped depression has an unusual legend.

Between Moso’s Footprint and Falealupo Beach are the ruins of Falealupo’s Historic Catholic Church which was destroyed by the waves of Cyclone Ofa in 1990.

Just as you reach Falealupo village, a sign points to the “House of Rock” where guides will lead you down a rough trail (better to wear closed footwear rather than your flip-flops) to a partially collapsed lava tube. Some local guides are eager to share the legends of this cave if they’re available.

Next, sweeping white sands and glorious snorkelling await at Falealupo Beach. If you’re not already staying here, hire a day fale at the Falealupo Beach Fales or Se’eti Beach Fales with more than a kilometre of sand to enjoy. Falealupo Beach Fales’ shop sells drinks and snacks should you want to spend the afternoon, while snorkelling gear is available to hire The snorkelling is fine from the beach, but the best parts are further out where the beach fale offers a snorkelling tour.

At the westernmost point of Savai’i, accessed via a flat dirt road (suitable for 2WD) through the coconut groves, Cape Mulinuu is home to the historic Mauga Fetu Star Mound, Ana O Vaatausili Giant’s Cave and Vaisuatoto Well. If there are locals around taking entry fees, they are usually happy to tell you about the legends of these historical sites. Otherwise, the interpretation panels here are sufficient enough.

Afterwards, catch the sunset from the beach and rock pools of Cape Mulinuu just across the road from the historical sites for a spectacular show (weather permitting). Then, return to Va-i-Moana in time for dinner, or try out the Vaisala Hotel for something different.

Dining Recommendations

Dine at Vai-i-Moana Seaside Lodge again, whether it’s for lunch or dinner, or shake things up a bit by choosing to have one of your meals at the nearby Vaisala Hotel. Perched on the hotel’s fun if not rickety old deck, you’ll have access to one of the most extensive menus on the island for dinner (that’s if it’s all available) with fish, chicken, steak, pork, lobster and soup prepared in numerous ways. There’s even a wee vegetarian menu should you wish to go the most sustainable route. The meals are made even more substantial as each is served with vegetables and a local side, such as taro, breadfruit or banana with palusami. As for lunch, expect all of the usual suspects with chips.

Samoa Food Itinerary: 10 Days©

Day 5 – Savai’i South Coast Road Trip

Travel time: 1 hour 30 minutes drive.

Asau Bay to Fa’a’ala

Make your way along the south coast of Savai’i today, with your first scenic stop just off the side of the road at Lover’s Leap. If you fancy some lunch and possibly some snorkelling, Satuiatua Beach Fales has a great spot as outlined in The Best Snorkelling in Savai’i.

Approximately 32 km (20 mi) from Satuiatua Beach Fales, immediately after the Lata River road bridge, is the Mu Pagoa Waterfall that tumbles directly into the Pacific Ocean.

Next is the iconic Alofaaga Blowholes. The access road is a bit rough and you may have to pay two small entry fees along the way. Your reward is watching the magnificent power of swell shooting water through the volcanic fissures of the coast.

Approximately 27 km (16.8 mi) further along the South Coast Road is Afu Aau Waterfall, which is perfect for a swim in a fairy-tale-like forest setting. Next door, you’ll see the sign for the Siapo Demonstration. Enjoy a refreshingly authentic demonstration of how locals make and paint canvases from the bark of a mulberry tree. What’s more, you’ll also come away with your own piece of siapo artwork.

Again, all of these attractions can be found in the 50 Best Things to Do on Savai’i.

Fa’a’ala Foodie Accommodation

Your final destination today is Florence’s Place, which is a foodie experience in itself with a 300-acre farm awash in taro, coconuts, papaya, pineapple, limes, bananas and livestock. After learning about the Samoan way of life through your friendly hosts, Ruth and Kelvin, you’ll indulge in the farm’s fare through home-cooked meals. Learn more about the place in the 10 Best Resorts for Foodies in Samoa.

Dining Recommendations

For lunch, there are limited options with the exception of Satuiatua Beach Fales whose restaurant is on the mend after a devasting fire but is usually open for lunch. Alternatively, Samoan snacks and pies can be picked up from the convenience store in Palauli village (near Afu Aau Waterfall).

Dinner is included at Florence’s Place. Alternatively, more dining suggestions, particularly for Salelologa nearby, can be found in The Food Guide to Savai’i.

Samoa Food Itinerary: 10 Days©

Day 6 – Ferry to Upolu + Apia

Travel time: 15 minutes drive + 1 hour – 1 hour 30 minutes ferry + 45-50 minutes drive.

Ferry to Upolu

Ferry crossings back to the mainland don’t start until late morning, so you have some time to relax and perhaps peruse the Salelologa Market (if you haven’t done so already) before catching the ferry back to Upolu. The process for taking the ferry back is very much the same as getting here; just make sure to pre-book your rental car.

Mulifanua to Apia

Providing there are at least four people in your group, stop by Ifiele’ele Plantation for one of their Plantation Tours, as well as to sample some of their dried fruit, chutneys, jams and ice pops that are loved around Samoa. See the 10 Best Foodie Experiences on Upolu for more details on the tour.

Alternatively, experience Samoa’s plantations in the most adventurous way possible on the Wolfpac ATV Tours – see the 10 Best Adventure Tours in Samoa for more information.

Once you reach Apia, you’ll finally realise where all of the restaurants in Samoa are! We’ll get onto some of the foodie activities tomorrow. For now, check-in at your accommodation and enjoy the breadth of culinary experiences available.

Apia Foodie Accommodation

See some of these accommodations listed in the 10 Best Resorts for Foodies in Samoa, as well as in the 25 Best Hotels in Apia & Upolu.

Dining Recommendations

For lunch, Nourish Cafe near the gorgeous Immaculate Conception Cathedral provides an attractive indoor and outdoor setting for an array of creative yet health-conscious meals for lunch with plenty of vegan, vegetarian, dairy and gluten-free options. Learn more and see alternative options in the 10 Best Cafes in Apia & Upolu.

As for dinner, make a booking at the most popular restaurant in town, Paddles Restaurant, famous for its relaxing ambience combined with Italian-Samoan fusion cuisine. See more recommendations in the 10 Best Restaurants in Apia.

Samoa Food Itinerary: 10 Days©

Day 7 – Explore Apia

Experience the culinary delights of Samoa’s capital today, as Apia boasts many experiences that foodies will love. Simply take your pick or do them all!

Foodie Experiences in Apia

… And the list goes on in detail in the 10 Best Foodie Experiences in Apia.

Dining Recommendations

For lunch, try a turmeric kick in a latte or vai tipolo if you’re intrigued by RiVaiv Cafe‘s very own turmeric juice. Otherwise, the two cafes in the chain with an attractive garden setting are best known for their fresh poke, teriyaki and steak bowls, as well as pad Thai, seafood sushi tacos and vegan tempura sushi tacos. Take a look at the 10 Best Cafes in Apia & Upolu for more about this establishment plus alternative recommendations.

For dinner, Bistro Tatau Restaurant is a good go-to to impress with its speciality Asian cuisine, as well as European, Mediterranean and Australasia influences. Start with the likes of steamed dumplings or a tropical oka for an injection of local then move on to pan-fried swordfish, crisp pork belly salad or rib-eye steak. Learn more in the 5 Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Samoa.

Samoa Food Itinerary: 10 Days©

Day 8 – Northeast Coast Trip (Private Chef Tour)

Travel time: 1 hour 10 minutes drive.

It’s time to hit the road and discover more of Upolu! Either do this tour as a self-drive in your rental vehicle or do it as part of Chef John Tours where your personal chef will spruce up a Samoan lunch at the Piula Cave Pools, as described in the 10 Best Foodie Experiences in Apia.

Apia to Piula Cave Pools (and Back)

Take the Main East Coast Road along the scenic coastline with cliffs and villages to admire. Your first stop is the freshwater spring of Piula Cave Pools, signposted between the villages of Saoluafata and Faleapuna. Bathe in the reviving spring waters then choose whether to continue on the Main East Coast Road or take a 20-minute return detour to another mesmerising swimming spot, Sauniatu Falls signposted from Saoluafata. Learn more about both of these attractions in the 10 Best Swimming Spots in Samoa. Return the way you came back to Apia!

Dining Recommendations

Between Apia and Piula Cave Pools, there are no real restaurant or cafe opportunities until you reach Le Uaina Beach Resort, which you could try out for lunch. Alternatively, we recommend stopping by Sula’s Supermarket & Bakery along the Main East Coast Road in Moataa, which is often agreed to be one of the best places to pick up quintessential Samoan snacks, from keke pua’a (pork buns) to keke saiga (Chinese biscuits) and many of the items we list in the 20 Foods to Try in Samoa.

For dinner, make tonight the night you experience one of Samoa’s famed fiafia nights, giving you the opportunity to sample a range of Samoan dishes while relaxing with a captivating cultural show. Check out some of your best options in the 10 Best Fiafia Nights in Samoa.

If there isn’t a fiafia on, be transported to the Mediterranean and among the attractive patio gardens of Giordano’s Pizzeria. The closest European-style pizzas we’ve found in Apia, and Samoa for that matter, Giordano’s combines Italian cuisine with a gorgeous balmy setting and ambient lighting. While pizzas are the obvious go-to’s here, with popular options being the Mediterranean lamb, salmon and tapenade (chef-made) pizzas, the smoked salmon pasta, lasagne (with a gluten-free option) and tropical salad are all worth venturing off the pizza train. Alternatively, take a look at The Food Guide to Apia for more restaurants to try.

Samoa Food Itinerary: 10 Days©

Day 9 – Cross Island Road Trip (Private Chef Tour)

Travel time: 1 hour drive.

Another exciting Upolu day trip awaits from Apia, which you can enjoy from either your rental car or on yet another private chef tour, this time with Tour Samoa.

Guided Private Chef Tour

On the “Full-Day Island Tour of Apia, Upolu and Samoa“, enjoy a highlights tour of Apia, before venturing across the Cross Island Road with a tour of the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum and the Baha’i Temple. You’ll stop by a number of waterfalls and the To Sua Ocean Trench if you’re keen. Additionally, relax at one of Upolu’s stunning south coast beaches where your private chef will prepare a Samoan lunch, which you’re welcome to observe.

Apia to Maninoa (and Back)

If you’d rather self-drive, we recommend checking out of your Apia hotel and hitting the Cross Island Road, stopping by the acclaimed Robert Louis Stevenson Museum for an intriguing mansion tour and revelling in these glorious gardens.

Speaking of gardens, don’t miss a potter around the Baha’i Temple; one of only eight in the world! Next door is also the Tipapata Art Centre with its art gallery and vegan speciality cafe.

Further along the Cross Island Road is the free-to-visit Papapapaitai Waterfall, one of the highest waterfalls in Samoa.

Your final destination today is Maninoa with a gorgeous beach and fabulous resorts with restaurants. After you’ve wrapped up the day here, return back to Apia (if you can pull yourself away).

Dining Recommendations

Along the Cross Island Road, you have the option of Tiapata Art Centre & Cafe with homemade everything and specialising in vegan meals (as well as meat and fish dishes) – see Samoa for Vegans & Vegetarians + 10 Best Restaurants. Alternatively, Forest Cafe provides a unique setting as long as you have a 4WD vehicle. Find out more in the 10 Best Cafes in Apia & Upolu.

For dinner, Ava I Toga Restaurant of the Sinalei Reef Resort is a must-do for fine dining on its over-the-water restaurant, boasting an array of creative cuisine for all diets. Learn more about these restaurants and others in the 10 Best Restaurants on Upolu and 10 Best Bars on Upolu.

Samoa Food Itinerary: 10 Days©

Day 10 – Departure Day

Travel time: 45-50 minutes drive.

After an exciting 10 days in Samoa on a foodie getaway, it’s finally time to say goodbye to the islands.

Remember to arrive at the airport a couple of hours before your scheduled departure so that you have enough time to check in, go through security and browse the retail offerings, as listed in The Guide to Shopping in Samoa + The Best Places to Shop. You may even want to wait for your flight in style at the Faleolo Airport Lounge with a refreshment buffet, unlimited WiFi, a shower, unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and more.

For anything else you need to know about leaving Samoa, it’s all listed in our guide, Leaving Samoa: Departure Tips & Checklist.

And it’s “Tofa Soifua” from Samoa!

Alternative Samoa 10-Day Itineraries

Is this 10-day food itinerary for Samoa not quite speaking to you? How about checking out our alternative itineraries for 10 days:

Finally, if there’s anything we’ve missed from this Samoa food itinerary, you’re likely to find it in The Food Guide to Samoa: Places to Eat & Food Tours.


Laura S.

This article was reviewed and published by Laura, editor-in-chief and co-founder of Samoa Pocket Guide. Since arriving solo in the South Pacific over 10 years ago with nothing but a backpack and a background in journalism, her mission has been to show the world how easy (and awesome) it is to explore a paradise such as Samoa. She knows the islands inside out and loves sharing tips on how best to experience Upolu and Savai’i’s must-dos and hidden gems. Laura is also the editor of several other South Pacific travel guides.

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