5 Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Samoa 🍝 [2023]
5 Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Samoa 🍝 [2023]

5 Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Samoa 🍝 [2024]

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The Best Fine Dining and Epicurean Experiences in Samoa

Aim for exceptional when it comes to gastronomical experiences in Samoa with the country’s exquisite fine dining restaurants. At first glance, there appears to be a scarce offering of dining beyond “chicken and chips”. Nevertheless, you just have to know where to look to find a more creative menu. With very limited options in Samoa when it comes to fine dining, we’ve recommended your best fine dining restaurants, as well as authentic Samoan food should you crave that local epicurean experience.

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1. Ava I Toga Restaurant – Sinalei Reef Resort & Spa

As you make your way down the lantern-lit pathway to the lagoon-edge restaurant, you know you’ve arrived somewhere special. Ava I Toga Restaurant is the afternoon and evening restaurant of one of Samoa’s most luxurious resorts, Sinalei Reef Resort & Spa. Delight in fresh seafood and South Pacific fusion dining, from herb-crusted lamb rack to the special Sinalei lobster plate. There’s even a full vegan and vegetarian menu with some creative yet sustainable alternatives. Speaking of, check out more vegan and vegetarian dining across the island in Samoa for Vegans & Vegetarians + 10 Best Restaurants.

Location: Signposted off Main South Coast Road between Mulivai and Si’umu on the south coast.

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2. Waterfront Restaurant and Bar – Seabreeze Resort

Even if you’re not staying at the adults-only Seabreeze Resort, at least book one night for dinner at their elegant restaurant nestled into coastal cliffs, the Waterfront Restaurant and Bar. Offering a range of a la carte cuisine on impeccably presented plates, Waterfront is a must-do for comfort food turned fine dining, all accompanied by an enviable sunset position. They also boast an extensive list of liqueurs, spirits, imported beer and New Zealand and Australian wine. What’s more, the restaurant is a child-free zone after 5pm ensuring a more “tranquil” evening is achieved. For more adult-only experiences, be sure to check out The Complete Adults-Only Travel Guide to Samoa.

Location: Signposted along Main South Coast Road, Aufaga on the south coast.

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3. Bistro Tatau Restaurant

As for your dining options in Apia, Bistro Tatau Restaurant is a good go-to to impress with its speciality Asian cuisine, as well as European, Mediterranean and Australasia influences. Start with the likes of steamed dumplings or a tropical oka for an injection of local then move on to pan-fried swordfish, crisp pork belly salad or rib-eye steak. The restaurant offers a relaxed yet sophisticated environment of slick tiled walls and tones inspired by Samoan skin tones and tatau (tattoo) ink. Discover more of Samoa’s top eateries in The Best Places to Eat in Samoa: 20 Best Restaurants in Samoa.

Location: Corner Beach Road and Fugalei Street, Apia.

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4. Private Dining Experiences

An easy way to elevate your evening meal, perhaps to celebrate a special occasion or “just ’cause”, is to treat yourself and your partner, family or friends to one of Samoa’s private dining experiences. Indulge in a three-course dinner with bubbles either on your room’s balcony or by the beach at Taumeasina Island Resort, choose a private decorated setting at Sinalei Reef Resort & Spa or have a candlelit dinner with personal waiting service on the deck of your luxury villa at Seabreeze Resort. Alternatively on Savai’i, Le Lagoto Resort makes the whole process easy with its β€œRomantic Dining Lagoon Side” package. For more couple-centric activities like this, also check out the 20 Most Romantic Things to Do in Samoa for Couples.

Location: Taumeasina – Taumeasina Road, off Main East Coast Road, Apia. Sinalei Reef – Signposted off Main South Coast Road between Mulivai and Si’umu. Seabreeze – Signposted along Main South Coast Road, Aufaga. Le Lagoto Resort – Fagamalo village on the northeast coast.

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5. Umu and Fiafia Nights

Finally, while traditional Samoan dining doesn’t come in a “fine dining” setting, if you’re open to a more epicurean experience, consider one of Samoa’s umu or fiafia nights. Fiafia means “happy” and this is exactly what these nights set out to achieve by providing a range of Samoan food traditionally cooked with hot rocks and concluding with cultural song and dance. Alternatively, some accommodations simply offer “umu nights”, which is similar to fiafia but without cultural entertainment. Discover fiafia nights across the islands in the 10 Best Cultural Shows (Fiafia) in Samoa, as well as alternative food-related activities in the 10 Best Foodie Experiences in Samoa.

Location: All over Samoa! Check out the links above for recommendations and their locations.

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