10 Best Airport Transfers in Samoa 🚐 [2023]
10 Best Airport Transfers in Samoa 🚐 [2023]

10 Best Airport Transfers in Samoa 🚐 [2024]

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Airport Transport in Samoa

How are you going to get between the airport and your accommodation in Samoa? Admittedly, there’s a multitude of options that can’t help but befuddle first-time visitors. In this guide to the best airport transfers in Samoa, we list all of your options so you find the best way to get between Faleolo Airport and your chosen Samoa destination, including how to get to Savai’i.

1. Samoa Scenic – Airport Shuttle

Offering per-seat rates in their comfortable minivans, Samoa Scenic offers airport shuttle services at a competitive rate. Not only do the tour operator and airport shuttle company offer airport transfers to and/or from Apia, as most do, but they can take you anywhere on the island of Upolu.

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2. Sunshine Samoa Tours – Airport Shuttle

An ideal airport shuttle option for couples, families or those travelling in a group, Sunshine Samoa Tours offers the cheapest shuttle rates per seat for bookings of two or more passengers. Most shuttle services are between Apia and Faleolo Airport, but it’s worth inquiring about transport to alternative destinations around Upolu.

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3. AutoBots Transport – Airport Shuttle

Opt for an affordable door-to-door airport shuttle service to Apia or treat yourself to a VIP/private airport transfer in a more upscale vehicle with AutoBots Transport. They also accept card payments should you not want to exchange currency at the airport. Learn more about paying your way through the islands in What is the Best Way to Pay in Samoa?

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4. Tropical Tours – Airport Shuttle

Known on the island for its abseiling and sightseeing tours, Tropical Tours also offers airport transfers with knowledgeable drivers who will be useful to discuss with on the journey between the airport and your chosen hotel/resort.

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5. Tour Samoa – Airport Shuttle

Another popular tour company on Upolu, part of Tour Samoa‘s offering is the all-useful airport transfer service. Their rates between Apia and Faleolo Airport are quite competitive so they are worth getting in touch with. Learn more about their tours in the 10 Best Guided Tours on Upolu.

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6. Taxis

Taxis await in earnest outside of the Arrivals Terminal of Faleolo International Airport. It is normal to agree on a price with the driver before setting off. Taxis can sometimes work out cheaper than getting a shuttle or even transfers offered by your accommodation, especially if you have more than one passenger in your group. Note that most taxis seat a total of four passengers and they will only accept local currency (there are ATMs inside the airport). See How Much Does a Samoa Airport Taxi Cost? for approximate prices to expect.

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7. Accommodation Airport Transfers (Meet-and-Greet)

Before you book your airport transfer, just double-check that your resort/hotel/accommodation doesn’t offer transfers for cheaper! Many accommodations offer airport transfers for guests, sometimes at cheaper rates than airport shuttles and taxis, so be sure to inquire.

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8. Local Bus Service

If you are lucky enough to have your flight arrive during the daytime, before 5 pm, then you have the option to take one of Samoa’s iconic local buses. Bus services to/from Apia stop right outside of the entrance to Faleolo Airport from the roadside. From Apia, there are buses servicing the rest of Upolu, which you can learn more about in Taking the Bus in Samoa: Bus Fares, Routes & More. Note, however, that there are no set timetables but buses usually turn up at least every couple of hours. Learn more about taking the bus from Faleolo Airport in The Cheapest Airport Transfers in Samoa.

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9. Vehicle Rental Airport Delivery

If you’re planning on hiring a vehicle for the duration of your stay in Samoa, consider getting your vehicle delivered to the airport. It will be ready in the airport car park for you to pick up on arrival. There is a fee for picking up vehicles at the airport – usually around ST$70-$80. Compare car rentals in the 10 Best Car Rentals in Samoa.

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10. Airport Transfers to Savai’i

Unfortunately, there are no direct airport transfers between Faleolo Airport and the island of Savai’i. Those arriving in the daytime will be able to take an inexpensive taxi from Faleolo Airport to Mulifanua Wharf where ferries to Savai’i depart (the wharf is just 4 km / 2.5 mi from the airport). If your flight arrives after hours, then your best bet is to stay at one of the nearby accommodations, such as the Transit Motel, Sheraton Samoa Beach Resort or Le Vasa Resort, and take a taxi to the wharf the following day. Learn more about transport to Savai’i in How to Take a Ferry to Savai’i.

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