The Cheapest Airport Transfers in Samoa
The Cheapest Airport Transfers in Samoa

The Cheapest Airport Transfers in Samoa


How to Get Cheap (or Even Free) Airport Transfers in Samoa

You’ve already paid a significant chunk of your tropical-getaway-to-paradise budget on a flight to Samoa; the last thing you want to do is pay way too much to get to your accommodation too! Luckily, we’ve put together this guide to the cheapest airport transfers in Samoa, also covering some cheeky little ways to score free airport transfers.

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How to Get a Free Airport Transfer in Samoa

Did you know that, actually, some accommodations across Samoa pick guests up from the airport for free? (Or at least included in the price of their higher-end nightly rates or if you stay at their resort for at least five/seven consecutive nights).

Resorts offering free/included airport transfers are:

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The Local Buses – The Cheapest Airport Transfer in Samoa

The cheapest way to get, well, anywhere in Samoa is by travelling on the local buses. The same goes for airport transfers. This airport transfer option is only taken up by travellers who aren’t rushed for time and are up for a quintessential Samoa experience.

Buses in Samoa operate from early morning to around 5 pm, only making a viable airport transfer option if your flight arrives during the daytime. Samoa’s buses don’t have a schedule but they are semi-frequent with departures at least every one-to-two hours.

Where to Catch the Bus From Faleolo Airport

Buses stop just outside of the toll gate entrance to Faleolo International Airport, right next to the roadside. It’s usually easier to get to where you’re going by bus if you connect with buses in Apia, either at the Fugalei Market Bus Station or the Savalalo Bus Station. Therefore, take your bus from Faleolo Airport to Apia.

For returning back to Faleolo Airport from Apia via bus, remember to give yourself plenty of time. We recommend catching the bus from Apia at least 1h30mins before the time you wish to reach Faleolo Airport.

How Much Does an Airport Transfer on the Bus Cost?

The cost of taking the bus between Faleolo Airport and Apia is approximately ST$5 per person. Drivers only accept local currency (Samoan tala) in cash and this is usually paid when exiting the bus at your destination.

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Unlike the trend throughout much of the world, taxis in Samoa are a reasonably priced way to get between Faleolo Airport and your accommodation (although nowhere near as cheap as the buses, let’s make that clear). For door-to-door service, taxis for the airport are on par with airport shuttles and resort shuttle transfers; sometimes cheaper especially if you’re a group of two to four passengers.

Taxi companies are privately owned in Samoa and they all have their own rates for travelling to/from Faleolo Airport. It is normal in Samoa to agree on a price before accepting a ride. That way, you can ask a few different taxi drivers for their rates (be quick before the cheapest gets snapped up). Note that it is acceptable to negotiate a price with a driver, if that’s your style.

Some acceptable prices for travelling to/from Faleolo Airport via taxi include:

  • Apia – ST$60-$80
  • West side of Upolu (such as Return to Paradise) – ST$30-$45
  • East side of Upolu (such as Lalomanu) – ST$90-$120

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Airport Shuttles

Airport shuttles in Samoa come in the form of either shuttles run by private companies, taking you to Apia and sometimes anywhere on the island of Upolu, or accommodations transferring passengers only to or from their resort/hotel/accommodation.

Airport shuttles are usually charged per seat on the minivan/bus, which can be cheaper than a taxi for solo travellers but more expensive for families or groups. Shuttles, however, often provide more seats than what taxis can offer, therefore making a more viable option for groups over four passengers, regardless of the price.

Airport Shuttle/Tour Company Prices

Independent companies, usually tour companies, that offer airport shuttle services tend to charge approximately ST$50-$70 per person to travel between Faleolo Airport and Apia. Some companies like Sunshine Samoa Tours reduce the rates by around 40% for bookings of two passengers or more.

Each shuttle company has its own rates for travelling outside of Apia. For example, we’ve seen rates for around ST$60-$70 per person for shuttles to/from the west side of Upolu (to destinations like Return to Paradise Resort) and around ST$120-$180 per person for shuttles to/from the east side (to destinations like Le Uaina Resort and Lalomanu).

Samoa Resort Shuttle Prices

Resorts operating their own airport shuttles tend to charge approximately ST$50-$130 per adult and ST$10-$40 per child. Some resorts have airport transfers included in their tariff, including Coconut’s Beach Club, Seabreeze Resort, Le Uaina Beach Resort, Sinalei Reef Resort and Saletoga Sands Resort. Note that some of these resorts’ free airport shuttles have conditions, such as a minimum duration of stay.

More About the Cheapest Airport Transfers in Samoa

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