The Ultimate Guide to Samoa Nightlife + Happy Hour List 🍸 [2023]
The Ultimate Guide to Samoa Nightlife + Happy Hour List 🍸 [2023]

The Ultimate Guide to Samoa Nightlife + Happy Hour List 🍸 [2024]

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What You Need to Know About Nightlife in Samoa

If there’s only one thing that is certain in this world it’s that Samoans know how to throw a party! Whether it’s kicking back with a locally brewed beer at a beach fale bar or letting your hair down in a nightclub on some remote Polynesian island (we’re serious), there are all sorts of nighttime experiences to be had and drinks to be tried! Get to grips with the most popular bars and clubs with this ultimate guide to nightlife in Samoa.

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5 Tips for Partying in Samoa

Before we get into our guide to nightlife in Samoa, here are some quick tips first!

  1. The legal drinking age in Samoa is 21 years old
  2. The best and busiest day for going out in Samoa is Friday, but Saturday is also usually very good
  3. Samoa’s nightclubs have a cover charge (usually ST$10)
  4. Clubs in Apia are typically open Tuesday to Saturday, from 8 pm to 12 am or on Savai’i, usually just Friday and Saturday from 6 pm to 11 pm/12 am
  5. On Savai’i, it’s recommended that palagi (tourists) attend its nightclubs as a group for safety; you can ask hotel staff if they are going out and to join them (they won’t find it that weird).

Finally, on a not-so-serious note, be careful which ear you tuck a flower behind when you’re out clubbing; the left ear means you’re single, while the right means you’re in a relationship/not looking!

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Nightlife in Apia

It probably comes as no surprise that Samoa’s capital, Apia, has the biggest night scene in Samoa. There are a number of vibes to be found in its bustling streets, from relaxed cocktail lounges in its hotels and resorts to clubs with live DJ sets and beer served in towers. Why not?

The Best Bars and Nightclubs in Apia

Easily one of the most popular bars/nightclubs in Apia looms over “the edge” of the Apia Marina, The Edge Marina (Beach Road) boasts three different bar areas to choose from, including the NXT Nightclub with local DJs and deck parties from 8 pm Fridays and Saturdays. Alternatively (or, ya know, additionally), head downtown to the RoSA Nightclub (Milinuu Road) for late-night antics and partying into the wee hours.

The Resort and Hotel Bars in Apia

For a more “sophisticated” establishment to meet, we like 1905 Bar (Milinuu Road) of the Lava Hotel for its extensive drinks menu, including gorgeously presented cocktails, smoothies and mocktails, this is one of your more photo-worthy bars in Apia. Nearby is also the Deck Bar (Milinuu Road) of the Tanoa Tusitala Hotel boasting very reasonable cocktail specials.

The Best Restaurants/Bars in Apia

Right at the far end of the Mulinuu Peninsula is Sails Bar & Restaurant (Milinuu Road) with its prime position for lagoon views while you sip on your favourite bevvy. Alternatively, Kokobanana Bar & Grill (between Ififi Street and Cross Island Road) has a huge wine selection, a spirits and liqueurs’ list, local and international beers and, of course, blended and non-blended cocktails.

Find out more about our favourite bars and clubs, including their happy hours, in the 10 Best Bars in Apia.

Fiafia Nights in Apia

There is no lack of fiafia nights in Samoa’s capital, between restaurants hosting their own Polynesian shows, such as at the Sails Restaurant & Bar (Mulinuu Road) and popular resorts like Taumeasina Island Resort (Taumeasina Road) with weekend fiafia entertainment. We highly recommend Le Manumea Hotel‘s fiafia night with a range of Pacifika dancing and a finale of a spectacular siva afi performance.

Take a look at the 10 Best Cultural Shows (Fiafia) in Samoa to find out more about each fiafia night.

More About Nightlife in Apia

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Nightlife Around the Rest of Upolu

There’s much more to Samoa’s most populated island than its capital city. If you’re looking for a more laidback bar experience, perhaps while sinking your toes in the sand or by the pool of an upmarket resort, then the rest of Upolu‘s bars are likely just the ticket.

The Best Beach Bars on Upolu

When looking for a beach destination for some sundowners or a refreshing local beer, check out some of Upolu’s beach fale accommodations, many of which also have their own bar. Vailula Beach Fales‘ Bar & Cafe (Tafatafa Beach) is a popular choice! The beach bar with hammocks and picnic tables scatted between a shady deck and the sands serves a range of cocktails, local beers and soft drinks. Similarly, the Ocean Club Bar (Maninoa Beach) of Ocean Club Maninoa has your Samoan staples of Taula and Vailima beer, as well as vai tipolo lemonade, but they also have spirits, wines and cocktails on the drinks menu.

The Best Resort Bars on Upolu

One of Upolu’s most luxurious resorts, Uncle Harry’s Bar (Maninoa) is the poolside bar of Sinalei Reef Resort & Spa boasting an extensive drinks menu of wine, beer, spirits and cocktails including their signature ginger and coconut mojito.

Head further afield to Upolu’s southwest coast and you’ll find the Rock Pool Bar (Lefaga) aptly named for its position on the rocky shores. The bar of the Return to Paradise Resort is right by Samoa’s famous beach featured in a 1950s Hollywood movie and serves a range of beer, wine and cocktails to sip on while you enjoy the scenery.

Get deeper into the details of each of the island’s bars mentioned, as well as much more recommendations in the 10 Best Bars on Upolu.

Fiafia Nights on Upolu

Around Upolu, fiafia nights mainly take place in its resorts. Samoa Tradition Resort does a unique fiafia going through various styles of dancing across the South Pacific. Meanwhile, Return to Paradise Resort (Lefaga) has two exciting evenings of entertainment each week with their award-winning string band night and traditional fiafia night.

There are plenty more fiafia nights to choose from throughout the islands, so check them out over in the 10 Best Cultural Shows (Fiafia) in Samoa.

More About Nightlife on Upolu

Again, there are many more amazing beach bars and resort bars around the island of Upolu, so start checking them out through The Guide to Apia & Upolu Nightlife + 5 Things to Do on Upolu at Night

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Nightlife on Savai’i

That’s right, even Samoa’s “traditional” island is guilty of having a good time with the equation of music, lights and drinks. Whether you’ve dreamed of partying in paradise or simply prefer to sip your cocktails while watching the sunset, Savai’i has the bar or nightclub to suit. You have a couple of options in Salelologa, while the rest of Savai’i’s nightlife can be found along the Sunshine Coast.

Nightlife in Salelologa

It’s no surprise that Savai’i’s main hub is the place to get a drink and even party into the early hours. On Friday nights, head down to the Harbourside Cafe & Pizza Bar (Main Road) for a fun yet laid-back evening of karaoke. Friday Karaoke is from 6 pm to 10 pm.

On the western side of Salelologa, NightHawk (Commercial Centre) is Savai’i’s official nightclub. It is the most vibing on Friday and Saturday nights but look out on their Facebook page for party nights throughout the week.

Nightlife on the Sunshine Coast (North Coast)

Bayview Resort might be known for its unique lava field location in Saleaula, but its Lava Rock Bar (N Coast Road) happens to be one of the most popular bars on the island for locals too! Lava Rock is worth the venture on Friday and Saturday nights, usually with live DJs and/or karaoke, so check the “Bayview Accommodations” Facebook page for upcoming events.

For late afternoon/sundowner drinks, you have a couple of excellent options in Fagamalo starting with Hans Poolside Bar (N Coast Road). At Le Lagoto Resort, the bar beside the resort’s infinity pool offers a relaxed yet upmarket feel (perhaps to impress that special someone) and outside guests are welcome.

Finally, if you really want to party like a local, head to the far-flung northwestern village of Asau (near the gas station) for drinks and local music at Le Laulua Bar (N Coast Road).

Fiafia Nights on Savai’i

Open to resort guests and non-guests alike, Le Lagoto Resort‘s fiafia nights on a Thursday are well worth booking (if they have enough interest for the event to go ahead). Indulge in slow-roasted pork, fish and vegetables cooked in an umu, as well as other local delicacies like oka, faiai fe’e, taro and luau (not forgetting some dessert). Then let your food digest while watching traditional and contemporary Polynesian dancing from the local fiafia group!

If you miss a fiafia night on Savai’i, there’s plenty of opportunity on Upolu, as listed in the 10 Best Cultural Shows (Fiafia) in Samoa.

More About Nightlife on Savai’i

Learn more about the bars and clubs mentioned, as well as check out more recommendations, in The Guide to Savai’i Nightlife + 5 Things to Do on Savai’i at Night.

The Ultimate Guide to Samoa Nightlife + Happy Hour List 🍸 [2023]© Samoa Tourism Authority

Samoa Happy Hour List

Now that you know some of the best bars and clubs in Samoa, here’s a quick list of the only times you need: the Samoa happy hour! Of course, happy hour is different for each bar, and always lasts more than an hour, so we’ve made it easy to hit the best spots for cheap drinks.

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More About Nightlife in Samoa

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