Kitesurfing in Samoa: The Top 5 Places to Kitesurf [2023]
Kitesurfing in Samoa: The Top 5 Places to Kitesurf [2023]

Kitesurfing in Samoa: The Top 5 Places to Kitesurf [2024]

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A Guide to Kitesurfing and Kiteboarding in Samoa

Still considered one of the unchartered territories of kitesurfing in the South Pacific, Samoa‘s lagoons and waves are uncrowded yet unforgettable for kiters who discover them. From butter-flat lagoon riding off the east coast of Savai’i to cutting through waves along Upolu‘s south coast, there’s something to entice all levels of kitesurfers and kiteboarders. So harness the elements and let us take you for a ride in this guide to kitesurfing in Samoa and the top places to kitesurf.

1. Lano

With more than 500 m (547 yards) between the reef and beach, Lano offers extensive kitesurfing and kiteboarding territory. Not only is this one of the best places to kitesurf in Savai’i but it’s often considered the best in Samoa thanks to its exposed position on the east coast for both southeast and easterly prevailing winds combined with often butter-flat to small wave conditions. Bring your own gear and stay at either Lauiula Beach Fales or Joelan Beach Fales so you can keep an eye on the conditions. Learn more about these accommodations in the 10 Best Beach Fale Accommodations on Savai’i.

Location: Lano village, Main North Coast Road, east coast of Savai’i.

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2. Nu’usafe’e Island

A tuft of white sand and pandanus trees sitting 1.4 km (0.9 mi) off the south coast of Upolu, Nu’usafe’e Island has its own surrounding lagoon and an exposed position ideal for kiters to harness those trade winds. Accessible by boat with Manoa Tours, Rainforest Runaway Ecotours or Vaiula Beach Fales, this kitesurfing spot isn’t too dependent on the tide. Plus, with a few waves, including an established surf break, there’s a lot of fun jumping to be had. For more information about visiting this island, check out The Travel Guide to Nu’usafe’e.

Location: Off the coast of Poutasi and Tafatafa villages, southeast coast of Upolu.

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3. Aufaga

This broken-up reef along the southeast coast of Upolu, Aufaga village attracts surfers with its breaks before the kitesurfers take over when the tradewinds blow them out. The coast here is open to winds and has fun waves to cut through the reef. Note, however, that the conditions aren’t as clean the further west you go. Kitesurfers looking to pamper themselves can stay at the adults-only Seabreeze Resort, where you can also access the lagoon from. Learn more about the surf here in the 10 Best Places to Surf in Upolu.

Location: Best accessed from Seabreeze Resort or Aufaga village further east, southeast coast of Upolu.

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4. Salani

Another hotspot on the southeast coast of Upolu, the surf break of Salani Left not only has consistent swells but consistent winds to give this wave a go while kitesurfing. Boat tours from Maninoa, like Manoa Tours and Rainforest Runaway Tours, can get you here with no problem, while the easiest access is from Salani Surf Resort on the river mouth directly behind. To avoid getting accidentally caught on a shallow reef, this spot is best targeted at high tide.

Location: Salani, end of Salani Road, southeast coast of Upolu.

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5. Aganoa Beach

Referring to the beach on Savai’i, rather than the black sand beach on Upolu, Aganoa Beach is home to a surf lodge and watersports hotspot. The lagoon just outside provides more exciting kitesurfing terrain, especially with a few rolling waves to negotiate. Plus, with the lagoon’s position on the south coast, the prevailing southeast tradewinds make for favourable kitesurfing conditions.

Location: Aganoa Lodge, signposted off the main road in Fa’a’ala village on the southeast coast of Savai’i.

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More Tips for Kitesurfing in Samoa

Now that you know the best places to kitesurf in Samoa, here are a few extra things you need to know before kitesurfing in Samoa.

The Kitesurfing Season in Samoa

When is the kitesurfing season in Samoa? The best time for kitesurfing in Samoa is during the trade wind season between May and October, with the best months being August and September. With steady low-pressure systems on the tropical belt, however, kitesurfing can be enjoyed all year round in Samoa with predominantly southeasterly trade winds.

Kitesurf Rentals and Lessons in Samoa

Note that there is no kitesurfing equipment for hire or lessons in Samoa. Therefore, anyone who wishes to kitesurf in Samoa will need to bring all of their own gear.

Beach Access and Surf Fees in Samoa

As with any natural attractions in Samoa, beaches are owned by local families and communities who provide infrastructure like beach fales and access roads for the public to enjoy these beaches. To help fund and maintain these sites, however, you are usually charged a customary fee, either to access the beach and its facilities or to hire a day fale. Guests of resorts and beach fales are not charged an extra fee.

On top of that, there’s usually an additional fee for surfing, which is also likely to apply to kitesurfing. You can learn more about these fees in The Ultimate Guide to Surfing in Samoa.

No Kitesurfing on a Sunday

As per Samoan custom, it is frowned upon to surf or kitesurf on a Sunday.

More About Kitesurfing in Samoa

That’s it for our guide to kitesurfing and kiteboarding in Samoa. Discover more amazing watersports and activities on the islands listed in the guides below:

Finally, plan more experiences beyond watersports in the 101 Best Things to Do in Samoa: The Ultimate List, as well as the logistics of your whole trip using The Best Samoa Travel Guide.


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