The Travel Guide to Nu'usafe'e: Things to Do, How to Get There & More
The Travel Guide to Nu'usafe'e: Things to Do, How to Get There & More

The Travel Guide to Nu’usafe’e: Things to Do, How to Get There & More

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How to Plan a Trip to Nu’usafe’e

Ever envisioned having an entire uninhabited island to yourself? Where the surrounding waters are a haven for snorkelers and surfers and the shores are awash in white sand and swaying coconut palms? Samoa might not offer many of these experiences but the ones they do have are simply stunning. One of the little-known island day trips is to Nu’usafe’e island, just over a kilometre from the south coast of Upolu from the villages of Poutasi and Tafatafa. This island, that’s less than 0.01 km² (2.5 acres), offers a true Robinson Crusoe experience. So, discover how to get there, things to do and day tours in this complete travel guide to Nu’usafe’e.

5 Fun Facts About Nu’usafe’e

Before we get into how to get to Nu’usafe’e, as well as tours and things to do there, here are some fun facts about the island:

  1. Nu’usafe’e has an area of less than 0.01 km² (2.5 acres)
  2. The island is approximately 1.4 km (0.9 mi) off the south coast of Upolu
  3. Nu’usafe’e is uninhabited and has no infrastructure
  4. Surfing, kitesurfing and snorkelling are the main things to do on the island
  5. Nu’usafe’e has its very own lagoon, which is home to turtles!

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The Travel Guide to Nu'usafe'e: Things to Do, How to Get There & More©

How to Get to Nu’usafe’e

There are limited options for getting to Nu’ulsafe’e: either by a guided boat tour or a kayaking trip from the south coast of Upolu.

Boat Tours to Nu’usafe’e

A couple of tour operators in the nearby vicinity, such as near Maninoa and Tafatafa beaches, offer boat tours to Nu’usafe’e. Learn more about the tours in the “Tours to Nu’usafe’e” section below.

Kayaking to Nu’usafe’e

On a day tour with Outdoor Samoa, it is possible to paddle over to Nu’usafe’e. Again, take a look at the “Tours to Nu’usafe’e” section below for more details.

The Travel Guide to Nu'usafe'e: Things to Do, How to Get There & More©

Things to Do on Nu’usafe’e

There might be no facilities on Nu’usafe’e but that doesn’t stop the lucky few surfers and kitesurfers from making their way by boat to this magnificent islet. If you’re not into exerting yourself, you can always snorkel or relax on the beach.


With its own lagoon off the southern shores of the island, Nu’usafe’e is wonderful for snorkelling. Not only do turtles frequent the area but the reef passage beside the island provides a vivid underwater seascape. For more places to encounter turtles, check out the 10 Places to See Turtles in Samoa.


A lefthand reef break wraps around Nu’usafe’e Island, making it a popular spot for surf tours from Upolu. Learn more about it in the 10 Best Places to Surf in Upolu.


If you’ve got your own gear and you know what you’re doing, surf tours will also take kitesurfers and windsurfers out to Nu’usafe’e, which is wide open to prevailing trade winds. Learn more about kitesurfing in The Top 10 Places to Kitesurf.


With a pristine white sand beach and easy ways to cool off between the swaying pandanus trees and beckoning lagoon waters, simply relaxing on Nu’usafe’e is a worthy way to spend your time here. Discover more ways to relax in the 10 Most Relaxing Things to Do in Samoa.

The Travel Guide to Nu'usafe'e: Things to Do, How to Get There & More© Samoa Tourism Authority

Tours to Nu’usafe’e

What’s the best way to experience Nu’usafe’e? There are a number of tour operators who can not only transport you to the island but show you the hotspots for snorkelling and surfing.

Nu’usafe’e Kayak Day – Outdoor Samoa

Paddle to the Nu’usafe’e island and beyond on a kayak tour with Outdoor Samoa. Either opt for a resort pick-up or meet up at Tafatafa Beach where you’ll launch your kayaks with your guide. After a safety briefing, paddle across a short stretch of open water to the island’s lagoon and have the opportunity to snorkel and relax on the beach.

Depending on the tide, you may paddle through a small area of mangroves on the way back. You also have the option to do an ocean paddle to Aganoa Black Sand Beach before ending the day at the Sinalei Reef Resort.

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Nu’usafe’e Snorkel Tour – Manoa Tours

Specialising in snorkelling and surfing tours along Upolu’s south coast, it’s no wonder that Nu’usafe’e is one of the items on the Manoa Tours activities list! Operating out of Coconut’s Beach Club Resort, but easily accessible from Sinalei Reef, Ocean Club, Sina PJ Beach Fales and other accommodations on the south coast, the boat operator makes getting to this little piece of paradise easy. All ages are welcome on these tours where you’ll snorkel in the clear blue waters surrounding Nu’usafe’e. Beginner snorkelling lessons are also available.

Vaiula Beach Fales

Whether your mission is to surf, snorkel or relax, Vaiula Beach Fales provides a fun trip out to Nu’usafe’e. The island is a short boat ride right from the accommodation’s doorstep. For snorkelling, they have rental gear or you can bring your own to explore the island and its surrounding reefs. After your tour, you’ll return for lunch or a drink at the beach fales’ beachside bar and cafe.

More About Nu’usafe’e and Samoa

That’s it for our complete travel guide to Nu’usafe’e. For more of the less-explored islands to visit, check out the following guides:

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