Fishing in Samoa: The Types of Fish in Samoa 🐟
Fishing in Samoa: The Types of Fish in Samoa 🐟

Fishing in Samoa: The Types of Fish in Samoa 🐟


What Fish Species Can You Target in Samoa?

Always wanted to reel in a ridiculous-sized fish or looking for the next pelagic species to target on a list of many? Samoa will sort you out. The island nation has most of the game species sought for in the South Pacific, from monstrous tuna to darting wahoo! Check out what are some of the most popular types of fish to target in Samoa in this guide.

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In Brief: The 10 Most Popular Game Fish Species in Samoa

  1. Yellowfin Tuna
  2. Dogtooth Tuna
  3. Wahoo
  4. Mahimahi
  5. Blue Marlin
  6. Black Marlin
  7. Pacific Sailfish
  8. Giant Trevally
  9. Spanish Mackerel
  10. Pacific Barracuda

We’ll go through some of the most popular catches in the guide below.

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Yellowfin Tuna

Best time: November to May

Yellowfin tuna is a Samoan fishing favourite, not only because they are available to catch for most of the year but because they always put up a fight whether they’re big or small. The best time to target yellowfin tuna is from November to May but there are always some hanging about throughout the year. Plus, head on a charter at dusk or dawn to increase your chances of reeling in these eating favourites.

Typical weights of yellowfins are between 7 kg/15 lbs and 23 kg/50 lbs but they have been weighed up to 80 kg/176 lbs!

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Mahimahi (Masimasi)

Best time: September to November

Also internationally known as dorado or dolphinfish, mahimahi (or masimasi in Samoan) is a popular species to target all year round in Samoa but the biggest catches are between September and November. The colourful fish is enough to wow as you pull it to the surface, but is also one of the best fish to eat.

Mahimahi can weigh anything from 5 kg/11 lbs to 25 kg/55 lbs.

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Blue Marlin

Best time: November to May

Billfish anglers will not be disappointed in Samoa, with the prize of blue marlin and black marlin waiting to be caught all year round. Although all marlin species are caught in Samoa’s waters, the blue marlin is the most common and are powerful fighters with a seemingly inexhaustible display of strength! The largest blue marlin catches are usually made from November to May.

Blue marlin can range in size from 65 kg/150 lbs to a whopping 450 kg/1000 lbs!

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Giant Trevally

Best time: January to April

Looking for a tough fight? Then head out for giant trevally (GT), known for being some of the toughest fighting fish.

GTs are frequent in Samoa’s waters for most of the year, making them a popular fish to target. The best times to target trevally, however, are between January and April. Not only do they put up a fight, but they’re a good fish to target if you want to try alternative fishing methods, like jigging, popping, casting or spearfishing.

GTs in Samoa range in size from 5 kgs/11 lbs to 50 kgs/110 lbs!

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Wahoo (Pala)

Best time: September to November

One of the fastest fish in the ocean, wahoo provide an exciting challenge for anglers. October is the best time to reel in these speedsters as cooler currents push up the Tongan Trench to the eastern end of Samoa then easterly trades push them west along the coast of Upolu. Learn more about seasonal fishing in The Best Time of Year for Fishing in Samoa.

Wahoo is best targeted on a fishing charter at daybreak using trolling fishing techniques. They can reach 23 kg/50 lbs but can be as heavy as 50 kg/110 lbs!

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Spanish Mackerel

Best time: All year!

Although not endemic to Samoa, this sport fish is now abundant around the inshore reefs of Samoa. As they are eating much of the native wildlife surrounding the islands, it’s up to anglers to catch them for conservation’s sake! Luckily, the fast-moving and voracious predator is not only fun to reel in but tasty to eat and there’s never a bad time for catching them.

Spanish mackerel in Samoa range in size from 2 kgs/4.4 lbs to 40 kgs/88 lbs!

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Dogtooth Tuna

Best time: September to November

A rewarding catch for the spearfisherman and anglers alike, dogtooth tuna are found year-round in Samoa’s waters, although, you may get more luck between September and November. Affectionately known as β€œdoggies”, dogtooth tuna run fast and long followed by deep circling, which makes them a tough fight for jigging.

The average size of a dogtooth tuna in Samoa is from 15 to 20 kg (33 to 44 lbs) but up to 80 kg (176 lbs) monsters have been caught.

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