What is it Like to Visit Samoa?
What is it Like to Visit Samoa?

What is it Like to Visit Samoa? 🤔🌴

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Is Samoa Worth Visiting?

A small archipelago of 10 islands isolated in the vast South Pacific, Samoa is barely visible on the world map. With that, you can be forgiven for thinking: “What is it like to visit Samoa?” In this guide, we’ll give you a quick rundown on the weather, culture and landscapes, as well as what the tourist accommodations and experiences are like. That way, you can figure out whether it is worth visiting Samoa.

Samoa is Like…

… Rugged volcanic islands with waterfalls and beaches
… Relaxed, independent and proudly authentic
… The heart of Polynesia
… Warm and tropical
… Paradise!

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What is the Weather Like in Samoa?

Samoa is a tropical country just south of the Equator with a dry season and a wet season. Temperatures are an average of between 24°C and 30°C (75-86°F) all year round with little deviation. This makes Samoa a year-round destination of sunshine, warmth and, admittedly, its fair share of rain.

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What are the People Like in Samoa?

The Samoan people are of a Polynesian culture with traditions in dancing, crafts and ceremonies usually involving extravagant feasts. Samoan society puts great importance on extended family groups, then villages and then the country as a whole. Everyone plays an important role within the family, where respecting your elders is of utmost importance. Despite these rigid customs, Samoans are quite a relaxed people. “Island time” is certainly a thing here.

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What are the Landscapes Like in Samoa?

Samoa consists of two large main islands and around eight smaller islands. The islands of Upolu and Savai’i are volcanic islands with jagged peaks and craters surrounded by lush rainforests which, in turn, are carved by magnificent waterfalls.

Under the surface, there are many lava tubes and caves, while the coast is where you’ll find almost all of Samoa’s quaint villages characterised by traditional open-air architecture and roadsides decorated with flowers. The coasts are either cliffs of ancient lava flows dramatically dropping into the ocean below or soft sandy beaches sloping into a turquoise lagoon.

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What are the Experiences Like in Samoa?

As you can see from the section above, the natural wonders of Samoa are the main drawcard. Majestic waterfalls, lava fields that have engulfed villages of the past, picture-perfect beaches with coral to explore just offshore, impressive blowholes, spectacular caves… A whole trip simply sightseeing these natural attractions is certainly a worthy way to holiday in Samoa.

Culture and history are also fascinating drawcards, where the traditions and customs of the Samoan culture are so accessible and authentic that you’ll hardly struggle to appreciate the real Samoa.

Samoa’s history spans some 3,000 years, where ancient and mysterious star mounds and church ruins are just some of the historical sites you’ll find.

Beyond sightseeing, Samoa’s experiences are a lot more humble than some of the neighbouring tourist hotspots like Fiji. There’s a small selection of tours for scuba diving, surfing, snorkelling, hiking and ATV driving, as well as more relaxing experiences like golf, spa treatments and museums.

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What is Accommodation Like in Samoa?

Forget five-star resorts. Samoa’s accommodation offering is much more down-to-earth. They might not be polished to perfection, but they provide genuine Samoan hospitality and often a boutique experience where you hardly feel like you’re sharing your holiday with too many other travellers.

You’ll find a selection of resorts around the coasts of Upolu and Savai’i. The choice isn’t too overwhelming, but most provide an idyllic holiday experience complete with a pool, restaurant, watersports rentals and more.

On the other end of the spectrum, beach fales are an iconic part of the holiday accommodation landscape of Samoa. These traditional open-air structures might be simple but they have million-dollar locations right on the sands of some of the South Pacific’s most glorious beaches.

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What is it Like to Visit Samoa?

All in all, Samoa is a relaxing holiday destination where the people are warm, friendly and genuine while the landscapes are mesmerising and a joy to explore.

It helps to be an active traveller to make the most of this destination. But when push comes to shove, simply relaxing at the beach or a holiday resort are worthy ways to visit Samoa.

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