The Complete Guide to Golf in Samoa ⛳
The Complete Guide to Golf in Samoa ⛳

The Complete Guide to Golf in Samoa ⛳


Everything You Need to Know About Golf in Samoa

Take some time out of sunbathing and sipping cocktails for a swing on Samoa‘s fun yet challenging golf courses. It’s a true island experience where your main challenge will be the swaying coconut palms. The island of Upolu has a few enticing golf courses, as well as some sweet little mini golf establishments that are not to be snuffed at! Learn all about the golf courses, tips and costs involved in this complete guide to golf in Samoa.

How Many Golf Courses are There in Samoa?

In Samoa, there are three golf courses and two mini-golf courses.

5 Top Tips for Playing Golf in Samoa

Before we jump into this complete guide to golf in Samoa, here are just a few quick tips for playing golf in paradise.

  1. It is cheaper to hire clubs than to bring your own – most international airlines charge around NZ$70+ for golf clubs, the equivalent of approximately ST$120
  2. Don’t expect pristine championship courses. This isn’t Fiji. Enjoy a laidback “island style” game which is a little rough around the edges instead
  3. There’s no special dress code for the golf courses in Samoa but you will want to wear a hat, as there’s limited shade
  4. Samoa’s golf courses have lively bars where you can relax, mingle with the locals and drink towers of local beers so you might want to plan extra time
  5. Don’t rule out mini golf, there’s a pretty fun mini golf course in Samoa too!
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Where to Play Golf in Samoa

Samoa offers three delightful park-style golf courses; all on the island of Upolu and all open to non-members.

Royal Samoa Country Club

Location: Plantation Road, Fagali’i, Apia
Holes: 9 holes (18 if played twice)
Par: 36 (72 if 18 holes are played)
Distance: Ladies – 4,888 m/5,345 yards, Men – 5,445 m/5,955  yards (18 holes)
Club Hire: Unknown
Clubhouse: Yes, 12 pm to 10 pm Monday to Saturday
Course Type: Park-style

Faleata Golf Course

Location: Tuanaimato Sports Complex, Vaitele, Apia
Holes: 18 holes
Par: 72
Distance: 6,255 m/6,841 yards
Club Hire: Yes
Clubhouse: Yes, 7 am to 7 pm Monday to Saturday and 10 am to 7 pm Sunday
Course Type: Park-style

Sinalei Reef Resort Golf Course

Location: Maninoa, southeast coast of Upolu
Holes: 9 holes
Par: 3
Distance: Unknown
Club Hire: Yes
Clubhouse: No
Course Type: Park-style

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Mini Golf in Samoa

That’s right, Samoa is home to both an indoor and outdoor mini golf course, again, on the island of Upolu and more specifically, in the capital Apia.

Taolfa Mini Golf

Location: Moamoa Road, Moamoa, Apia
Holes: 18
Cafe: Yes, open 12 pm to 9 pm Monday to Saturday and 4 pm to 9 pm Sunday
Club Hire: Yes
Course Type: Mini golf/crazy golf/mini putt

Samoan Mini Golf

Location: Tuanaimato Sports Complex, Vaitele, Apia.
Holes: 18
Cafe: Yes
Club Hire: Yes
Course Type: Mini golf/crazy golf/mini putt

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How Much Does it Cost to Play Golf in Samoa?

Playing golf in Samoa is relatively inexpensive, with Faleata Golf Course offering the best value, while Sinalei Reef Resort Golf Course‘s green fees are complimentary for guests of the resort.

Approximate prices include:

  • 9-Hole green fee: ST$10-$20
  • 18-Hole green fee: ST$20-$50
  • Driving range including balls: ST$50
  • Cart hire: ST$20-$40
  • Tournaments: ST$30-$50

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More About Planning a Golfing Vacation to Samoa

Now that you know all about golf in Samoa, here’s more advice to help plan your trip:

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