What are the Flight Times to Samoa? ✈️
What are the Flight Times to Samoa? ✈️

What are the Flight Times to Samoa? ✈️

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How Long Does it Take to Fly to Samoa?

For most of us, getting to a country as remote and as unspoiled as Samoa takes time. Only those coming from Oceania countries like New Zealand, Australia and Fiji or across the Pacific from Hawaii are lucky enough to get to Samoa within a few hours. For the rest of us, it’s long flights with multiple connections. So whether you’re planning to add Samoa to your round-the-world trip or simply popping over from New Zealand or Australia, these are the approximate flight times to Samoa!

Flights to Samoa

Direct flights to Samoa are available from New Zealand, Australia, Fiji and Hawaii. If coming from elsewhere in the world, there are many connecting flights from the countries stated.

All flights arrive in Samoa at Faleolo International Airport (APW) in the country’s main hub, Upolu. Learn more about the airport in Samoa Arrival Airport: Which Airport to Fly into Samoa.

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Flight Times from Oceania to Samoa

Samoa is located in the continent of Oceania making for the shortest flights to Upolu from other Oceania countries like New Zealand, Australia and Fiji. These are the cities with direct flights to Samoa along with their flight time:

  • Auckland to Samoa: 4h10mins
  • Sydney to Samoa: 5h55mins
  • Brisbane to Samoa: 4h40mins
  • Nadi to Samoa: 2h05mins

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Flight Times from the Americas to Samoa

Those flying from the Americas will find themselves making one or two stopovers on their way to Samoa unless coming from Hawaii, which has direct flights. Some of the best airports to fly from for faster travel times are Honolulu, Los Angeles, San Fransisco, Vancouver and Santiago de Chile. Make connections in Honolulu, Nadi or Auckland.

Note that the travel times listed don’t include layover times.

  • Honolulu to Samoa: 5h40mins
  • Los Angeles to Samoa: 11h30mins via Honolulu, 12h55mins via Nadi
  • San Fransisco to Samoa: 10h55mins via Honolulu, 13h05mins via Nadi
  • Vancouver to Samoa: 13h55mins via Nadi, 14h40mins via Honolulu
  • Houston to Samoa: 13h20mins via Honolulu
  • Chicago to Samoa: 13h45mins via Honolulu
  • Santiago to Samoa: 16h45mins via Auckland.
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Flight Times from Asia to Samoa

There are no direct flights to Samoa from Asia, so at least one or two stopovers will need to be made including in Nadi, Honolulu, Sydney or Brisbane. The below flight times are from some of Asia’s most popular airports and their flight times to Samoa not including layover times.

  • Singapore to Samoa: 12h05mins via Nadi
  • Hong Kong to Samoa: 12h15mins via Nadi
  • Bangkok to Samoa: 15h15mins via Sydney
  • Tokyo to Samoa: 10h05mins via Nadi, 14h05mins via Honolulu
  • Manila to Samoa: 12h30mins via Brisbane
  • Mumbai to Samoa: 17h35mins via Singapore then Nadi.
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Flight Times from Europe to Samoa

For flights between major European airports and Samoa, at least two or three connections will need to be made on your way to the Southern Hemisphere. Flight times from popular European locations (not including layover times) include:

  • London to Samoa: 22h25mins
  • Frankfurt to Samoa: 24h05mins
  • Amsterdam to Samoa: 21h55mins
  • Dublin to Samoa: 22h30mins
  • Zurich to Samoa: 23h40mins
  • Copenhagen to Samoa: 22h45mins
  • Oslo to Samoa: 21h45mins.

More About Flights to Samoa

That’s it for our list of flight times to Samoa. For more advice on flying to Samoa, take a look at the following guides:

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