Samoa Arrival Airport: Which Airport to Fly into Samoa πŸ›¬
Samoa Arrival Airport: Which Airport to Fly into Samoa πŸ›¬

Samoa Arrival Airport: Which Airport to Fly into Samoa πŸ›¬


What Airport Do You Fly into for Samoa?

Dreaming of a tropical escape to Samoa but don’t know which island or destination the adventure starts? Samoa is made up of two main islands and several smaller islands and islets. The only island with an international airport, however, is Upolu – home to Faleolo International Airport (APW), whose capital the airport serves is Apia. This is why you’ll often see the destination for flights to Faleolo Airport referred to as “Apia”.

Find out more about which airport to arrive into Samoa, as well as more details about Samoa’s arrival airport in this guide.

Faleolo International Airport (APW)

Samoa’s only international airport is called Faleolo International Airport (APW). It is located on the northwestern coast of the island of Upolu, approximately a 45 to 50-minute drive from the capital Apia. For other driving times from the airport to elsewhere on the island, check out our guide to the Samoa Travel Times & Distances.

Samoa Arrival Airport: Which Airport to Fly into Samoa πŸ›¬©

Flights to Faleolo International Airport

Samoa is accessible to the rest of the world through New Zealand, Australia, Fiji and Hawaii with a frequent international arrivals schedule. Auckland (New Zealand), Sydney (Australia) and Honolulu (Hawaii, US) have the most flight connections with the rest of the world, so consider making your stopover at one of these two airports if you’re travelling from further afield.

Learn more about flying directly to Samoa in our guide, Which Airlines Fly Directly to Samoa?

Although there are no domestic flights operating from Faleolo International Airport, it is one of the main hubs for flights to American Samoa with approximately eight scheduled flights between the two countries per day.

Find out more about American Samoa in What’s the Difference Between Samoa and American Samoa?

Samoa Arrival Airport: Which Airport to Fly into Samoa πŸ›¬©

The Facilities at Faleolo Airport

Faleolo International Airport is a relatively large and modern airport for such a small island nation. Note, however, that facilities tend to be only open and available when there are scheduled flights. Some of the facilities and amenities of Faleolo Airport include:

Food and Beverage

Food, mostly snacks and cabinet food, is available to purchase from the public area of the Arrivals Terminal, as well as both on the ground floor and first floor of the Departures Terminal once you have passed through security.


Shops are available in both the public area of the Arrivals Terminal and the Departures Terminal once you have passed through security. Similar brands are available in both terminals, including Janet’s, Lokostyle, Horizons Surf Shop and Eveni Carruthers. Find out more about these brands and more in The Guide to Shopping in Samoa + The Best Places to Shop.


There is an Information Booth located in the public area of the Arrivals Terminal where information officers can assist with queries about the airport. Alternatively, a Samoa Tourism Authority office offers tourist information outside of the Arrivals Terminal.


Both network providers in Samoa, Digicel and Vodafone, have offices just outside of the Arrivals Terminal. Find out more about their services in The Best SIM Card in Samoa for Travellers and How to Get Internet & WiFi in Samoa.

Car Park

There is a toll gate at the entrance of the airport to pay approximately ST$5 to enter for pick-ups and drop-offs, however, the toll gates are often open for free. The main car park costs approximately ST$5 for two hours and ST$0.50 for each additional hour. Long-term parking is also available.


Faleolo Airport Lounge is the airport’s business class lounge, located in the Departures Terminal. The lounge includes a light refreshment buffet, unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, unlimited WiFi, a private bathroom and shower, a TV and seating areas. Costs are approximately ST$80 for walk-ins and free for Qantas business class passengers.

Airport Shuttle, Taxi and Accommodation Transfers

Transport services and taxis are available just outside of the arrivals area, while public buses pick up passengers from the roadside outside of the airport – see the 10 Best Airport Transfers in Samoa for details.

Car Rentals

The offices of around nine different car rental companies can be found outside of the Arrivals Terminal. Find out more about your options in the 10 Best Car Rentals on Upolu.

Banks, Foreign Exchange and ATMs

There is a BSP and ANZ bank offering foreign exchange and ATMs located in the public area of the Arrivals Lounge. There is also a Western Union offering foreign currency services in the Arrivals Lounge in the Departure Check-in Area. Find out more about exchanging currency in The Best Place to Exchange Money in Samoa.


Toilets, including disabled access toilets, are also available at Faleolo Airport.

Learn more about where these facilities are located and what to expect on arrival via an international flight using our guide, Arriving at Faleolo Airport, Samoa: A Step-by-Step Guide.

Samoa Arrival Airport: Which Airport to Fly into Samoa πŸ›¬©

The Arrival and Departure Processes at Faleolo Airport

Faleolo International Airport goes through an Immigration, Customs and Biosecurity process for arrival flights, as well as an airport check-in and security process for departures.

Faleolo Airport Arrival Process

When you arrive in Samoa, you will be required to pass through Immigration with your completed Samoa Passenger Arrival Card. You will then pick up your baggage from the baggage carriages at Baggage Claim before seeing a Customs and Biosecurity/Quarantine Officer where you will be asked to declare any risk items. Learn about the arrivals process in detail at Arriving in Samoa: Airport Customs, Biosecurity & the Arrival Process.

Faleolo Airport Departure Process

Check-in for international departures opens two hours before scheduled international flights. After you’ve checked in your luggage, the security area is located at the far eastern end of the Departure Check-in Area where your carry-on luggage will be x-rayed. Once through security, your passport will be checked one last time at Immigration before you’re inside the Departures Terminal with shops, cafes, bathrooms, the Faleolo Airport Lounge and seating areas. Find out more about departing Samoa in Leaving Samoa: Departure Tips & Checklist.

Samoa Arrival Airport: Which Airport to Fly into Samoa πŸ›¬©

Frequently Asked Questions About the Arrival Airport in Samoa

Just in case this detailed guide to the arrival airport in Samoa – which we were really proud of, by the way – didn’t answer your question, here are the answers to some of the internet’s most-asked questions about Samoa’s main airport.

What is the Main Airport in Samoa?

The main airport in Samoa is Faleolo International Airport (APW). Although there are other airfields in Samoa, Faleolo Airport is the only airport that’s in use.

Does Samoa Have an International Airport?

Yes, Samoa has an international airport, Faleolo International Airport (APW) and it’s the only international airport in the country.

What Capital is Served by Faleolo International Airport?

Apia, the capital of Samoa, is the capital that is served by Faleolo International Airport. Apia is located approximately 32 km (20 mi) east of Faleolo Airport.

More About Samoa’s Arrival Airport and Which Airport to Fly into Samoa

That’s it for our complete guide to Samoa’s arrival airport. Now that you know which airport to fly into Samoa, here’s more advice on ensuring a smooth arrival:

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