10 Best Places to Experience Yoga in Samoa ๐Ÿง˜ [2023]
10 Best Places to Experience Yoga in Samoa ๐Ÿง˜ [2023]

10 Best Places to Experience Yoga in Samoa ๐Ÿง˜ [2024]

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Where to Do Yoga in Samoa

Yes, you would be right in thinking that the glorious sand, jungle, lava cliff and lagoon setting of Samoa is the perfect place for experiencing yoga. Other than the stunning blend of resorts and beach fales across the islands where you can experience yoga independently, where else can you join yoga classes and indulge yourself with private yoga sessions? Find out in this list of the best places to experience yoga in Samoa.

1. Taumeasina Island Resort

A private island and haven for wellness yet moments away from Apia‘s bustling city centre, Taumeasina Island Resort is Samoa’s largest resort. Among its extensive program are regular yoga classes by Yoga Samoa, who you can also hire for one-on-one yoga sessions. Even if you’re not staying at the resort, you’re still welcome to join in. Other ways to unwind include the two resort pools, Fofo Spa & Sauna, tennis courts, watersports equipment and very popular fiafia nights.

Location: Taumeasina Road, Taumeasina, Apia.

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2. Yoga in Your Villa or Resort

Once you see the gorgeous accommodations in Samoa, you’ll want more excuses not to leave! With that in mind, bring the yoga to you by enjoying a private yoga mat session at your resort, beach fale or villa. Either on your accommodation’s deck, on the beachfront or somewhere else soothing, these private yoga sessions are all yours. Private yoga classes are offered by Yoga Samoa on the island of Upolu.

Location: Choose accommodation from Where to Stay on Upolu: The Best Upolu Accommodations.

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3. Salani Surf Resort

Nestled in an enclave on the south coast of Upolu yet moments away from quality waves is Salani Surf Resort, an immediate go-to for a surf and yoga stay in Samoa. The resort often hosts its own retreats with two yoga classes daily, meditation workshops, diet and nutrition tips, vegan and gluten-free meals and unlimited surf transfers. Check out more retreats in The Guide to Retreats in Samoa: Yoga, Wellness & More.

Location: Salani Road, Salani village, southeast coast of Upolu.

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4. Aganoa Lodge

Don’t leave this piece of paradise just to the surfers. Although it’s primarily advertised as a surf camp, Aganoa Lodge offers one of the best resorts in Samoa for yogis. Not only do they often have a resident yoga instructor to fit yoga classes into your holiday schedule, but yoga mats are available for guest use should you want to get some independent sessions in. What’s more, this is the only place to do yoga in Samoa on this list that’s located on the beautiful island of Savai’i.

Location: Signposted off the Main South Island Road from Fa’a’ala village, southeast coast of Savai’i.


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5. At a Samoan Beach Fale

Often boasting some of the most beautiful locations across Samoa, there are always breathtaking spaces to practice yoga at beach fales. These traditionally constructed huts on the beach not only provide a humbling stay but a cultural one with staple Samoan meals included. During your stay, you’re encouraged to relax, so there’s certainly room to practice some independent yoga on the beach at sunrise, while the large communal fale usually overlooking the beach often couples well as a yoga pavilion. Beach fales aren’t for everyone, however, so take a look at Staying in a Beach Fale in Samoa + 10 Essential Tips to see if it’s the right choice for you.

Location: All over Samoa! Get recommendations from the 20 Best Beach Fale Accommodations in Samoa.

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6. Sinalei Reef Resort & Spa

Whether it’s during one of the yoga retreats hosted by the resort or for a soothing setting while you take charge of your own yoga sessions, Sinalei Reef Resort & Spa provides one of the most luxurious places to do yoga in Samoa. In the tropical gardens, on the beach or over the water on the lagoon deck, you can scout out a new location each day. What’s more, the resort boasts one of the most acclaimed spas in the country, while dining can remain sustainable and mindful with a full vegan and vegetarian menu available. Learn more about the resort in the 10 Best Luxury Resorts in Samoa.

Location: Maninoa, central south coast of Upolu.

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7. In the Samoan Rainforest

The beaches of Samoa might get all the love when it comes to yoga locations in Samoa, but don’t forget that the country is home to lush rainforests that provide an alternative yet breathtaking setting to connect with nature and oneself. There are some ideal spaces for yoga at Togitogiga Waterfall amidst the O Le Pupu Pu’e National Park, or check out some of the less-visited spots in the 10 Best Hidden Gems in Samoa. Otherwise, Yoga Samoa offers a number of yoga-plus-hike tours that incorporate yoga with sightseeing in the rainforests of Samoa.

Location: All over Samoa! Togitogiga is located off the Main South Coast Road in the O Le Pupu Pu’e National Park, southeast coast of Upolu. Yoga Samoa offers accommodation pick-ups in Apia or meet up at the Taumeasina Island Resort.

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8. Misiluki Retreat

An option for yoga groups, Misiluki Retreat is an accommodation exclusively for yoga, meditation and special interest groups. Nestled on the lush verdant slopes of Mt Fiamoe, 15 minutes from Apia one way and 15 minutes from white sandy beaches of Upolu the other way, the accommodation for small retreat groups (up to 10 people) offers an idyllic setting to recentre and re-energise. The retreat comes from Samoa’s famous natural skincare and spa product brand.

Location: Just off the Cross Island Road, central Upolu.

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9. Samoan Highland Retreat

For yogis looking for their own space, take a look at the holiday homes of Samoan Highland Retreat. While the most striking holiday home on the property is the “Fale”, it’s actually the four-bedroom three-bathroom “Homestead” that includes its very own yoga studio. The wraparound enclosed lounge/yoga studio comes complete with all of your essential yoga props. What’s more, the verdant interior of Upolu, which is still a manageable drive from Apia, provides the perfect retreat setting. See more suitable yoga accommodations in the 5 Best Yoga Resorts in Samoa.

Location: Off Alafa’alava Road, southwest of Apia, Upolu.

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10. Sheraton Samoa Beach Resort

Take your yoga mat or hire a stand-up paddleboard for some SUP yoga on the turquoise waters of a vast lagoon. Sheraton Samoa Beach Resort not only offers another idyllic accommodation option, but you could even head down to their white sands for the day to make use of the watersports hire offered by the dive shop, Pure Ocean, complete with SUP equipment. Check out more options for hiring SUP boards for doing yoga in SUP in Samoa: 5 Best Paddleboarding Tours & Locations.

Location: Sheraton Access Road, Faleolo/Mulifanua, northwest coast of Upolu.

10 Best Places to Experience Yoga in Samoa ๐Ÿง˜ [2023]© Sheraton Samoa Beach Resort

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