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SUP in Samoa: 5 Best Paddleboarding Tours & Locations [2023]
SUP in Samoa: 5 Best Paddleboarding Tours & Locations [2023]

SUP in Samoa: 5 Best Paddleboarding Tours & Locations [2024]

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Where to Do Stand-Up Paddleboarding in Samoa

The placid crystal-clear lagoon waters, snaking mangrove waterways and even volcanic crater lakes are oh-so enticing for paddling, but where can you join SUP tours and hire paddleboards in Samoa? Luckily, the island of Upolu is well-equipped with not only paddleboard tours and rentals but the odd beach fale and resort offering SUP hire.

So, find out where you can join night paddleboarding tours and paddle through mangroves or a giant clam sanctuary with this list of the best stand-up paddleboard tours and locations in Samoa!

Where to Hire SUP Boards in Samoa

If you’re more of an independent paddleboarder, half-day to multi-day SUP rentals are available in Samoa with Seki SUP and SUP Samoa Tours. Both hire inflatable SUP boards and pumps that are easy to transport around the islands. With that, check out beaches to enjoy your SUP rental from in the 10 Best Beaches in Samoa.

1. Apia, South Coast, Saoluafata, Sataoa and Lake Lanoto’o with Seki SUP

Combine magnificent scenery and fun on one of the many tour offerings of Seki SUP. For beginners, take a lesson or enjoy an easy paddle off the stunning south coast beaches, the harbour of Apia, or through the winding mangroves of Sataoa. Those looking for something more advanced and/or adventurous can explore rugged coastal scenery like the secluded bay and expansive reef of Saoluafata or a hike up to the volcanic crater, Lake Lanoto’o. More on the latter is explained in the 10 Best Guided Walks in Samoa.

Location: Tours depart from Apia with Apia pick-ups included.

SUP in Samoa: 5 Best Paddleboarding Tours & Locations [2023]© Pixabay

2. Aleipata Islands and Lake Lanoto’o with Samoa SUP Tours

Another fantastic stand-up paddleboarding tour operator in Samoa, Samoa SUP Tours offers exciting tours, confidence-building lessons and high-quality rentals. Paddle over the butter-flat waters surrounding the uninhabited islets of the Aleipata Islands or opt for a hike up to Lake Lanoto’o with your inflatable SUPs in your backpack. A good in-between is a peaceful paddle through mangrove forests, with a rotation in locations in order to keep the impact on these fragile ecosystems to a minimum. For more eco-conscious tours, take a look at the 10 Best Eco Tours in Samoa.

For something truly unique, Samoa SUP Tours also offers night SUP experiences, which you can learn more about in the 10 Things to Do in Samoa at Night.

Location: Tours depart from Apia with Apia pick-ups included.

SUP in Samoa: 5 Best Paddleboarding Tours & Locations [2023]©

3. Clams Tour with Return to Paradise Resort

Although the Savaia Giant Clam Reserve is open for anyone to visit with their own snorkelling gear, the nearby Return to Paradise Resort offers an alternative experience on their “Clams Tour”. Departing from the resort, the tour includes transfers, snorkelling gear and your choice of stand-up paddleboard or kayak to explore the reserve in a unique way. Entry fees and a tour guide are included also, so you won’t miss the best displays of these giant molluscs. Learn more about this epic snorkelling spot in The Best Snorkelling in Samoa: Top 10 Places to Snorkel.

Location: Return to Paradise Resort, Lefaga, on the southwest coast of Upolu.

SUP in Samoa: 5 Best Paddleboarding Tours & Locations [2023]©

4. Maninoa Beach

A popular resort and beach fale hub on the south coast of Upolu, Maninoa Beach offers safe swimming and paddleboarding in a sheltered lagoon. Day fales can be hired at Ocean Club Maninoa, which also has a bar/cafe, kayak and SUP hire: the perfect base for a day of SUP in Samoa!

Location: Ocean Club, signposted off Main South Coast Road between Mulivai and Si’umu villages, central south coast of Upolu.

SUP in Samoa: 10 Best Places for Stand-Up Paddleboarding [2023]©

5. Mulifanua

Explore the lagoon and watch the ferries come in from a stand-up paddleboard in Mulifanua. Stay or visit the Sheraton Samoa Beach Resort and you can hire high-quality stand-up paddleboards and paddles from Pure Ocean for a relaxing paddle or yoga session on the lagoon.

Location: Sheraton Access Road, Mulifanua and Faleolo villages, on the northwest coast of Upolu.

SUP in Samoa: 5 Best Paddleboarding Tours & Locations [2023]© Pixabay

More About Paddleboard Tours and SUP in Samoa

Now that you know about the best SUP tours and places to stand-up paddleboard in Samoa, here’s more advice to help plan the perfect watersports vacation:

Finally, plan more experiences beyond watersports in the 101 Best Things to Do in Samoa: The Ultimate List, as well as the logistics of your whole trip using The Best Samoa Travel Guide.


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