10 Best Holiday Apartments in Samoa ๐ŸŒด [2023]
10 Best Holiday Apartments in Samoa ๐ŸŒด [2023]

10 Best Holiday Apartments in Samoa ๐ŸŒด [2024]

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Where to Find Holiday Apartments in Samoa

We get it; the convenience of a serviced apartment while travelling is too good to pass. Some of us prefer to be more independent than be waited on in a hotel or resort. In Samoa, however, you have very few options when it comes to holiday apartments. There’s a mixed bag of serviced apartments in the capital, Apia, while beyond the city’s confines, you’ll find the odd resort with apartments available on the room menu. Nevertheless, as Samoa’s largest travel guide, we’re here to make your job easy by showing you the best holiday apartments in Samoa (where available).

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1. MKR Serviced Apartments

Experience real city living at the MKR Serviced Apartments. All you need for an easy stay in Apia is within walking distance, including supermarkets where you can make the most of your purchases for your apartment’s very own kitchenette. Cooking facilities range from simple electric hotplates to full ovens, so be sure to enquire if you need something specific. Whether you’re a group or a couple, there are sleeping arrangements to suit, while apartments are also fully and modernly furnished with air-conditioning for a more comfortable stay. For more accommodation types with cooking facilities, take a look at the 10 Best Self-Catering Accommodations in Samoa.

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2. Tivoli Aparthotel

Surrounding a Mediterranean-esque pool area with ornate iron furniture under cute gazebos, Tivoli Aparthotel offers an alternative ambience in Apia. Your ultra-spacious unit has colourful modern fixtures, as well as useful amenities like cooking facilities for a true home away from home. You are also supplied with reusable glass bottles so you can keep hydrated using the hotel’s filtered water and reduce your plastic water bottle impact – yay! Note that there is a security bond to pay upon check-in (so return those bottles!) Thanks to its cutesy decor, we also list this one in the 10 Most Romantic Honeymoon Accommodations in Apia.

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3. Taumeasina Island Resort

For something much more upscale, choose one of the contemporary holiday apartments of Taumeasina Island Resort. Its own private island yet moments away from Apia‘s bustling city centre, Taumeasina is Samoa’s largest resort so you won’t be stuck for things to do between the two resort pools, Fofo Spa & Sauna, tennis courts, watersports equipment and very popular fiafia nights. There are three restaurants on-site to choose from, although self-catering is very viable and even fun in the spacious and modern two- or three-bedroom apartments. For more upscale stays like this, check out the 10 Best Luxury Accommodations & Resorts in Samoa.

Check Taumeasina Island Resort out:

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4. Return to Paradise Resort & Spa

Just about your only holiday apartment-style stay on Upolu that’s outside of Apia, Return to Paradise Resort & Spa offers a secluded retreat on the island’s southwest coast. There are four individual swimming pools, a sheltered Samoan-style concrete coastal pool, and a beach and reef containing turquoise lagoon water for interesting snorkelling at low tide. Otherwise, guests are kept entertained with weekly fiafia nights, table tennis and book exchange, garden walks and more. Dine or enjoy sundowner cocktails at the attractive waterfront restaurant. Alternatively, self-cater by choosing to stay in the multi-bedroom villas among its manicured gardens. Discover more resort-style stays in the Top 25 Resorts in Samoa.

Check Return to Paradise Resort & Spa out:

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5. Nia Mall Apartments

For a reasonably priced city apartment, Nia Mall Apartments offers a number of self-contained open-plan rooms providing a home-away-from-home experience in Apia. What’s more, the rooms are located on the higher levels of renovated mall stores, which offer a very unique accommodation setting. From the pokey “Standard Rooms” to the ultra-spacious tiled “Superior Rooms”, there are room types suitable for various group sizes. Kitchen facilities are provided in each. Check out more cheap stays in the 25 Best Budget Accommodations in Samoa.

Check Nia Mall Apartments out:

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6. Samoa Tradition Resort

A favourite with the locals who have family visiting from overseas (and want to impress), Samoa Tradition Resort is all about family: family-owned, family-run and you’re sure to feel like family too by the end of your stay. Although there are hotel rooms, you can upgrade to one of the apartments decorated with hand-carved poles and exposed rock walls complementing the nature embraced from your forest balcony. What’s more, the kitchen facilities in each apartment make a convenient addition but be sure to have a night off from cooking for the resort’s famed fiafia night every Thursday.

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7. Lynn’s Getaway Apartments

Revel in your own space at one of the best dining precincts in Apia at Lynn’s Getaway Apartments. After parking up in a tree-clad driveway, retreat to your basic but comfortable two-bedroom two-bathroom apartment with all of the fixings, including free WiFi! Each bedroom has a double bed, while the very small open-plan lounge, dining area and kitchen have full cooking facilities including an oven. For more stays with WiFi, check out the 8 Accommodations in Samoa with Free WiFi.

Check Lynn’s Getaway Apartments out:

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8. Mapusaga Riverside Apartments

An ultra-affordable set of holiday apartments by the Fululasau River, Mapusaga Riverside Apartments are your quintessential Samoan homes/apartments in the Apia suburbs. With off-street parking, full kitchens and even toiletries left for your convenience, these holiday apartments make for an easy stay for the non-fussy traveller. Each apartment has two bedrooms but some are more compact than others, so choose wisely if you’re a family or a larger group. For more holiday homes like this, check out the 10 Best Holiday Homes in Samoa.

Check Mapusaga Riverside Apartments out:

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9. Insel Fehmarn Hotel

If you’re sweet with a studio apartment layout, Insel Fehmarn Hotel in Apia is well worth considering. Each of its three grades of rooms is equipped with a very functional kitchenette complete with a full oven and ensuite bathroom. What’s more, you don’t even have to spend your whole time self-catering with a breakfast buffet included in the rate and an on-site restaurant available. Enjoy the swimming pool on-site, as well as the hotel’s alternative position in town close to some of our favourite dining options. Prices are also very reasonable considering the private facilities available.

Check Insel Fehmarn Hotel out:

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10. Samoana Boutique Hotel

Particularly good for families, friends or small groups, each room type of the Samoana Boutique Hotel fits no fewer than four guests. Although there are hotel-style rooms, you can choose one of the two- or three-bedroom apartments for that complete holiday apartment experience. The on-site Black Pepper Cafe makes for an easy option for lunch, should you not feel like using your apartment’s self-catering facilities, while the attractive albeit small swimming pool provides a refreshing place to cool off from Apia’s hot climate. The hotel is a little way out of town, but car rental is easy enough to organise through the hotel’s sister company, Samoana Rentals – see the 10 Best Car Rentals on Upolu. Plus, for more family-friendly suggestions, take a look at the 25 Best Family Resorts in Samoa.

Check Samoana Boutique Hotel out:

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More Holiday Apartments in Samoa

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