10 Best Resorts for Snorkelling in Samoa 🤿 [2023]
10 Best Resorts for Snorkelling in Samoa 🤿 [2023]

10 Best Resorts for Snorkelling in Samoa 🤿 [2024]

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The Resorts and Beach Fales in Samoa with the Best Snorkelling

It’s the dream scenario of a tropical getaway; being able to don your snorkel mask and enter an underwater wonderland straight from your resort’s beach. Samoa offers some of the best resorts and Samoan-style beach fales to do just that, which we list here as the best resorts for snorkelling in Samoa! In addition, we also offer a couple of resorts that offer amazing snorkelling tours by boat.

Note that it is common to have to pay to hire snorkelling equipment from accommodations in Samoa, typically for ST$15-$20 per day. We have been sure to clearly state where snorkelling gear is provided for free in this list where appropriate.

For more snorkelling advice, take a look at The Best Snorkelling in Samoa: Top 10 Places to Snorkel. Plus, check out our favourite mask and snorkel, should you want to purchase your own, in the 20 Essentials You Need to Pack for Samoa.

1. Stevensons at Manase

One of the many resorts and accommodations on Savai’i with very decent snorkelling, Stevensons at Manase is right in the heart of turtle territory. The most upscale accommodation on the popular stretch of Manase Beach, Stevensons has full snorkelling gear including fins for hire, as well as kayaks and SUP boards. As for accommodation, the pride of the resort are its unique “eurofales” giving you the Samoan accommodation experience along with the luxury of a spacious ensuite bathroom and a private deck boasting lagoon views. Should you want to turn the comfort up a notch, choose one of the uniquely styled suites decorated with local art and lava rock walls. There’s plenty of beach to comb, while the large swimming pool and restaurant brasserie overlooking the lagoon are gorgeous places to unwind.

Check Stevensons at Manase out:

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2. Namu’a Island Beach Fales

A private island accommodation, anyone? Surrounded by marine-protected areas and on its own uninhabited island off the shores of Samoa’s main island, Upolu, no wonder Namu’a Island Beach Fales provides an idyllic place to snorkel. The caveat to this beach fale stay, however, is that they do not have snorkelling gear for hire so make sure you bring your own to make the most of the awesome pockets of regenerating coral right off its main beach, as well as the opportunity to see turtles. Your stay here includes breakfast and dinner, while you might want to bring some snacks if you’re sticking around for lunch – we wouldn’t blame you. Find out more about the accommodation facilities and how to get there in the Aleipata Islands: Namu’a, Nu’utele, Fanuatapa & Nu’uala FULL Guide.

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3. Lauiula Beach Fales

Located on the sunrise coast of Savai’i in the village of Lano, Lauiula Beach Fales offers an idyllic setting for their affordable beach fale accommodation. With an extensive lagoon just off the beach, Lauiula Beach Fales offers some of the safest snorkelling with coral to enjoy between a mostly sandy bottom. What’s more, snorkelling gear is free to hire. The spacious fales can cater to a number of sleeping arrangements, whether you’re a couple or a family, and come with traditionally woven bi-fold walls for privacy. There’s also the option of an ensuite air-conditioned villa which understandably comes with higher rates. Enjoy breakfast and dinner at the beachfront dining fale or even choose something for lunch off their menu. Learn more about snorkelling at Lano, as well as elsewhere on the island, in The Best Snorkelling in Savai’i: Top 8 Places to Snorkel.

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4. Sheraton Samoa Beach Resort

Offering the convenience of its Upolu location near the airport and wharf with ferry connections to Savai’i, yet boasting the standards of an international resort (but perhaps not the usual Sheraton), the Sheraton Samoa Beach Resort might just fit the bill for a fly-and-flop snorkelling getaway to Samoa. While it’s not the snorkelling off the beach that gets us excited, although, that’s Ok, the resort is home to Pure Ocean which operates snorkelling tours to Samoa’s pristine and harder-to-reach snorkelling spots – check them out in the 10 Best Snorkelling Tours in Samoa. As for your stay here, there’s plenty of room for relaxation along the beach and the lagoon-style pool, while the elegant outdoor settings of the Apolima Fale for breakfast and the evening venue of the South Pacific Restaurant make dining as easy as an island breeze. Guests also can’t miss a rejuvenating spa session at the Manaia Polynesian Spa, as outlined in the 7 Best Spa Resorts in Samoa.

Check Sheraton Samoa Beach Resort out:

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5. Va-i-Moana Seaside Lodge

Offering much more than a bed for the night, Va-i-Moana Seaside Lodge pulls out all of the stops to offer the complete Savai’ian holiday experience, including plenty of opportunities for snorkelling. Either enjoy the snorkelling around the resort’s pier, with snorkelling gear available to hire for a small fee, while boat trips can also be organised to explore the depths surrounding a tiny islet just off Va-i-Moana’s shores. Breakfast is included in the rate and served at the on-site restaurant, which also has an a la carte menu for dinner. As for the accommodation, choose your level of comfort from the traditional open fale on the waterfront to one of the spacious ensuite bungalows. Either way, it’ll be a charmingly rustic experience. For more affordable stays, take a look at the 25 Best Budget Accommodations in Samoa.

Check Va-i-Moana Seaside Lodge out:

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6. Le Uaina Beach Resort

A locally run operation with the best resort rates in Samoa, Le Uaina Beach Resort not only provides an affordable resort experience but one with great snorkelling. Enjoy South Pacific cuisine at the on-site restaurant and spend your days snorkelling or kayaking by the excellent reef just metres off a beach on Upolu. The resort has all of the snorkelling and kayaking equipment available to hire. There’s also a substantial swimming pool surrounded by sun loungers if you’re looking for a more relaxing aspect to your holiday. Rooms all have an ensuite, while layouts fit couples up to large families. Find this resort in Faleapuna village, right by the Piula Cave Pool and approximately 20 minutes from Apia. As one of the best resorts for families, we also list this one in the 25 Best Family Resorts in Samoa.

Check Le Uaina Beach Resort out:

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7. Le Lagoto Resort

One of the most luxurious accommodation options on Savai’i, Le Lagoto Resort boasts an interesting staghorn coral ecosystem just off its doorstep. While kayaks are free to hire for guests, you’ll have to pay for snorkel hire. Alternatively, Dive Savai’i is just across the road offering its own snorkelling trips by boat. When you’re not snorkelling, retreat to one of the 10 spacious high-ceiling bungalows among manicured gardens. There’s also an airy dining fale backing a gorgeous sandy beach, while the infinity pool and Hans Poolside Bar provide more endearing places to unwind. See how Le Lagoto compares to Savai’i’s other resorts in the 10 Best Resorts on Savai’i.

Check Le Lagoto Resort out:

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8. Falealupo Beach Fales

Isolated on the western tip of Savai’i, Falealupo Beach Fales spans one of Samoa’s most scenic beaches. The relatively narrow fales at this budget accommodation are kitted out with all the usual bedding, including a mosquito net and woven walls for privacy. Rates include a generous local breakfast and a buffet dinner (stir-fry, taro, palusami, chop suey and curry with vegetarian options, for example). Snorkelling gear is available to hire to make the most of the interesting snorkelling off the beach but we highly recommend you take the operator up on the offer to do a snorkelling tour to go further out to the best stuff. There are many more amazing beach fales with snorkelling, so check out the 20 Best Beach Fale Accommodations in Samoa for more options.

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9. Satuiatua Beach Resort

Despite the “beach resort” name, Satuiatua Beach Resort is better described as a beach fale accommodation and it’s the only one on Savai’i‘s southern sunset coast. The lagoon here provides excellent snorkelling at mid to high tide – ensure the tide is coming in and that there is at least half the tide left or else it gets too shallow. The best snorkelling begins 3 m (3.2 yards) from shore at the northwest corner of the beach starting by the freshwater pool. Swim out to the channel for about 30-50 m (33-55 yards) before swimming along the channel over spectacular coral teeming with fish. Afterwards, head back to your traditional open fale with woven panel blinds for privacy. Dinner is served in their temporary dining fale (the old one, unfortunately, burnt down), which is a mix of local fair and international favourites.

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10. Return to Paradise Resort & Spa

Based on Upolu‘s most famous beach, Return to Paradise Resort & Spa offers a secluded retreat on the island’s southwest coast. Although there are some reasonably interesting snorkelling spots off the beach, the downside is that the beach is so close to the reef that the water conditions tend to be too choppy for enjoyable snorkelling – so it’s best to go at low tide. On the plus side, Savaia Giant Clam Sanctuary is just down the road and is one of the Top 10 Places to Snorkel in Upolu. As for accommodation, you have a wide array of beachfront and garden options, from one-bedroom beachfront suites boasting rock-wall bathrooms to three-bedroom villas with self-catering facilities. Check out more resorts on the main island in the 16 Best Resorts on Upolu.

Check Return to Paradise Resort & Spa out:

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More About the Best Resorts for Snorkelling in Samoa

That’s it for our list of the best resorts for snorkelling in Samoa, but there are plenty more resorts to choose from, such as the following:

Finally, if you’re still struggling to find the perfect place to stay on the islands, start from scratch with the Where to Stay in Samoa: The 50 Best Accommodations in Samoa.


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