10 Best Places to Visit in Samoa 🗺️ [2023]
10 Best Places to Visit in Samoa 🗺️ [2023]

10 Best Places to Visit in Samoa 🗺️ [2024]

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The Top Destinations in Samoa

In Samoa and have no idea where to go?! There are many amazing places to visit in Samoa, from glorious beaches to uninhabited islands. Get off the beaten track or head to the highlights with this list of the top destinations and best places to visit in Samoa!

If you’re still at the stage of figuring out which island to explore, perhaps start with The Best Islands to Visit in Samoa.

1. Apia

The nation’s capital, Apia should be on the itinerary of anyone visiting Samoa. Not just a hub for administration and commercial goings-on, Apia has an array of cultural and natural experiences to make any visit a vibrant one. Mingle with the locals at the bustling Fugalei Market, slide down the Papase’ea Sliding Rocks, snorkel at Palolo Deep, step back in time at The Museum of Samoa: Falemata’aga or the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum and dine at the city’s eclectic eateries until your heart’s content.

See everything to experience in Apia, as well as where to stay, in The Complete Travel Guide to Apia and the 25 Best Things to Do in Apia.

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2. Lalomanu

A long stretch of white sand scattered with beach fales and sloping into a crystal clear lagoon, Lalomanu is one of the most popular beach destinations in Samoa. The quaint village is wedged between the beach and jungle-clad cliffs, with small uninhabited islands silhouetted at the edge of the lagoon adding to the landscape mix. In short, this place in Samoa can’t help but look good.

When you’re not beachcombing or snorkelling, just a short drive away is the legendary To Sua Ocean Trench, as well as natural wonders like Vavau Beach, Sopoaga Falls and Le Mafa Pass.

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3. Maninoa

A popular day trip from Apia at the bottom of the Cross Island Road, Maninoa impresses with a mix of Samoa’s most luxurious resorts, as well as unique beach fales. A turquoise lagoon shelters this serene beach, where dining can be enjoyed at any one of the resorts or at a casual beach bar.

Boats out to snorkelling hotspots and surf breaks are available here, while just down the road is O Le Pupu Pu’e National Park awash in gorgeous jungle, coastal and waterfall hikes.

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4. Salelologa

Salelologa is your introduction to Samoa’s other island, Savai’i. Once you disembark the ferry, head west to discover its market of local handicrafts and colourful produce, and further still to the neighbouring village of Palauli to experience the cultural Siapo Demonstration and swim at the gorgeous Afu Aau Waterfall.

Salelologa itself has a couple of excellent little cafes to enjoy, while those wishing to stay awhile have hotels with swimming pools, contemporary oceanfront villas and over-the-water bungalows to choose from.

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5. Falealupo

Another one on Savai’i, Falealupo is often described as one of Samoa’s best beaches. Not only that, but the number of natural and historical attractions here is dizzying, making up for the fact that this destination is isolated all the way on the northwest coast of the island.

Make the most of the beach by staying at one of the beach fale accommodations or just hiring a fale for the day. You’ll also want to save some time to explore highlights like Cape Mulinuu with its ancient star mound, the ruins of Falealupo Church, Moso’s Footprint and the Rock House.

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6. Manono

Samoa’s third-most inhabited island, Manono can be accessed by a 20-minute boat trip from the west coast of Upolu. Enjoy the serenity of this island with no roads and no dogs; just four quaint villages and a footpath around the island connecting them all. Those with a bit more energy can hike up Mt Tulimanuiva to discover its ancient star mound and the grave of the legendary Afutiti.

While a day trip is a special experience, you can also stay overnight at the enclosed fale accommodation here to experience true island hospitality. Find out more about the island in The Travel Guide to Manono.

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7. Namu’a

Another gorgeous island and one of the best places to visit in Samoa, Namu’a is an uninhabited island just a 5-10-minute boat ride from Upolu’s east coast. Turtles are often spotted on the journey, but the island also begs for snorkelling to give a chance for a close encounter with turtles, tropical fish and coral. Relax on the beach or under the shade of the beach fales, or hike to the top of the island for amazing lagoon views.

Find out more about day trips to the island, as well as staying overnight in a beach fale, in The Travel Guide to the Aleipata Islands.

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8. Fagaloa Bay

For a truly off-the-beaten-track day trip, head to the majestic Fagaloa Bay on the island of Upolu. Wind your way from the mountainous region of Le Mafa Pass down to the lesser-visited villages of Fagaloa Bay where the mountains provide a captivating backdrop awash in waterfalls. Further along the coast, the primaeval Uafato Conservation Area lies where it’s possible to spot rare birds and experience a world untouched at the Uafato Bird Hide.

Check out a day trip itinerary to Fagaloa Bay over at the 5 Best Day Trips from Apia.

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9. Fagamalo

A nice little resort hotspot on the north coast of Savai’i, Fagamalo is close to many of the island’s highlights should you be looking for a convenient yet glorious base. Just down the road is the iconic Saleaula Lava Fields with its church engulfed in lava flow, while not too far in the other direction is Manase Beach, offering one of the best places to swim with turtles in the wild.

In Fagamalo itself, join scuba diving or turtle swimming tours with Dive Savai’i or relax with cocktails or a sumptuous meal at one of the resorts.

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10. Mulifanua

Finally, most know Mulifanua as the place to take the ferry from Upolu to Savai’i, but there’s a lot more going on here for visitors looking for some action. At the Sheraton Resort, you’ll find Pure Ocean boasting an array of scuba diving and snorkelling trips among the untouched coral. South of Mulifanua is Outdoor Samoa with an array of cycling and kayaking tours to explore Samoa at a more natural pace. In between it all, dine at Cocolini’s By the Sea of Le Vasa Resort which provides a relaxing setting for international fare.

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