10 Things to Do on Savai'i on a Rainy Day
10 Things to Do on Savai'i on a Rainy Day

10 Things to Do on Savai’i on a Rainy Day

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Indoor and All-Weather Activities on Savai’i

Welcome to Savai’i where it rains… Often. Yes, Savai’i is a tropical island that experiences its fair share of heavy downpours. What is the best thing to do when it’s raining on Savai’i? Well, we say just get on with it because as quickly as the rain comes it usually passes. Plus, with the hot climate, you tend to dry out pretty quickly. On the other hand, if you have a medical condition that doesn’t do well in the rain or you just really don’t like the wet stuff, opt for one of the indoor or all-weather activities on Savai’i. We list them here as the best things to do on Savai’i on a rainy day!

1. Peruse the Salelologa Market

Under the cover of the Salelologa Market building, browse a wonderous array of locally crafted carvings, woven bags and fans, handprinted lavalava (sarongs), coconut jewellery and much more. A sight easy to visit straight off the ferry, the indoor market also hosts fruit sellers with their mounds of pineapples, bananas, taro, coconuts, breadfruit, pumpkins and the list goes on. There’s also a small food court section selling cheap baked goods and fried food that won’t send you too far over budget – see The Top Cheap Eats on Savai’i.

Location: Salelologa in the commercial centre to the south of town – turn left off the ferry then right past Lusia’s Lagoon Chalets.

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2. Do the Siapo Demonstration

While the rain is pouring could be the best time to do this amazing and refreshingly authentic cultural experience in Palauli village. Stop at the sign for the “Siapo Demonstration” where you’ll be invited into a local family’s fale for a demonstration of traditional canvas-making and painting techniques. You can even give it a go yourself! From cutting down the young mulberry tree to leaving with a completed piece of Samoan siapo (also known as tapa), the demonstration lasts approximately 45 minutes. For more ways to immerse in the Samoan culture, check out the 8 Best Cultural Activities on Savai’i.

Location: Palauli village, signposted off the main road on the southeast coast (near the Afu Aau Waterfall).

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3. Engage in Your Accommodation’s Cultural Demonstrations

Speaking of cultural demonstrations, some resorts also offer their own in-house activities that are perfect for a rainy day. At the Amoa Resort, choose between a weaving demonstration under the cover of the dining fale or learn how to make koko Samoa (Samoan hot chocolate) with tastings included at the bar. At Va-i-Moana Seaside Lodge, watch locals prepare an umu for one of the Friday umu nights (if the demand is there – be sure to book ahead).

Location: Amoa Resort – Faga village on the east coast. Va-i-Moana Seaside Lodge – Between Auala and Asau villages in Asau Bay on the northwest coast.

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4. Relax with a Massage

Treat the senses to a soothing massage all while staying out of the rain. Although there used to be more spa options on Savai’i (and may still open in the future, so be sure to inquire at resorts such as Le Lagoto Resort), you will now have to venture to Va-i-Moana Seaside Lodge for a traditional massage known as fofo Samoa. Choose to experience this heavenly massage either in the air-conditioned comfort of your room or surrounded by lagoon waters in the massage fale on the pier. Alternatively, Aganoa Lodge offers a range of massages and even couples’ spa treatments at their spa fale. For more on finding your zen in Samoa, check out the 10 Best Places to Get a Massage in Samoa.

Location: Va-i-Moana Seaside Lodge – Between Auala and Asau villages in Asau Bay on the northwest coast. Aganoa Lodge – Signposted off the main road in Fa’a’ala village on the southeast coast.

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5. Hide in a Cave

That’s right, Savai’i has plenty of caves to explore and exploring them while it’s raining might just be a perfect time. For the most time spent out of the rain, we recommend Pe’ape’a Cave, whose cave entrance is mere metres from the roadside. Named after the white-rumped swiftlets that live in this ancient lava tube, Pe’ape’a Cave is believed to stretch for 1km (0.6 mi) underground. Guided tours take you a short way into the cave before it narrows and becomes too difficult to crawl through. Keep noise and torchlights low so as to not disturb the swiftlets that nest in these caves. Check out more caves to explore in the 10 Best Caves in Samoa.

Location: Letui village, signposted off the roadside on the northern coast.

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6. Pray the Rain Away at the Local Church (on a Sunday)

Pray for the rain to pass at one of Savai’i’s enchanting church services. Whatever the weather, the powerful harmonies echoing across the churches on a Sunday is an experience not to be missed. Don your most church-appropriate attire (cover knees and shoulders) and head to one of the churches across the island, typically with a 10am service.

Location: All over Savai’i! Check out the 10 Best Churches in Samoa to Experience as a Visitor for church recommendations.

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7. Go Scuba Diving…

Who cares if it’s raining when you’re several metres under the ocean’s surface? From lagoon diving among the turtles, eagle rays, clownfish and nudibranchs to a shallow wreck dive of the John Williams V, there are some interesting dive sites around Savai’i for new and seasoned divers alike. Dive Savai’i is a PADI-affiliated operation offering a range of recreational dives, courses and snorkelling tours. Note that they operate seasonally, so check out the Dive Savai’i website for dates. Additionally, see The Top 10 Places to Scuba Dive in Samoa for more on the subject.

Location: Fagamalo village (opposite the Le Lagoto Resort) on the northeast coast.

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8. … Or Snorkelling

Again, with the idea that you’re going to get wet anyway, why not don your mask and snorkel and join the fish? Popular snorkelling beaches include Lano, Manase, Asau, Vaisala and Faleaupo where seeing amazing pockets of coral swarming with tiny tropical fish is all part of the experience. You’re even highly likely to spot turtles too! Some accommodations hire our snorkelling gear for a small fee, but these aren’t always great quality. For this reason, we highly recommend bringing your own or hiring some from Dive Savai’i or one of the gear rentals on Upolu.

Location: All over Savai’i! Check out The Best Snorkelling in Savai’i: Top 8 Places to Snorkel for locations.

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9. Cosy Up in a Cafe or Restaurant

A rainy day could be the perfect day to scout out one of Savai’i’s elusive cafes or restaurants (trust us, there are not many). Relax with a latte and cake at Taefu T. Matafeo Store in Asaga, stop in Adria’s Cafe in Lalomalava for a vai tipolo and panini, or pick up a pizza from the Harbourside Cafe & Pizza Bar in Salelologa. Check out more dining recommendations in The Best Places to Eat on Savai’i: 10 Best Restaurants on Savai’i.

Location: See the link above for restaurants and their locations.

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10. Plan the Next Part of Your Trip!

Since you’re here, we’re guessing it’s a rainy day in Savai’i right now and again, since you’re here, why not use Samoa Pocket Guide to plan the next leg of your trip in Samoa? Have you done all of the 50 BEST Things to Do on Savai’i yet? Plan a one-day or two-day self-drive itinerary of Savai’i. Then, when you get back to Upolu, make sure you’ve got everything sorted using The Complete Travel Guide to Upolu.

Location: Right here on SamoaPocketGuide.com. If you need internet while you’re on Savai’i, check out Information, Shops & Services on Savai’i and How to Get Internet & WiFi in Samoa.

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