The Top Cheap Eats on Savai'i
The Top Cheap Eats on Savai'i

The Top Cheap Eats on Savai’i

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Where to Get Cheap Food on Savai’i

Don’t worry, Savai’i isn’t about going from resort to resort blowing all your hard-earned cash on an overpriced burger (although, there is that too). If you opt for the homecooked meals of your chosen beach fale or go where the locals eat in Salelologa, then you have some irresistibly cheap food deals at your fingertips. From casual cafes to roadside barbecues, you’ll find some interesting cheap eats on Savai’i. We list some of the highlights, right here!

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5 Tips to Save Money on Food on Savai’i

Before we dive into the cheap eats of Savai’i, here are some extra tips to help you save the cents on scram…

  1. Choose the beach fale rates with breakfast and dinner included; the portions are very substantial and you might find that you only need a snack from the local convenience store for lunch
  2. There is very limited self-catering accommodation on Savai’i but you can save a substantial amount on food if you stay at one of these establishments (there are convenience stores in every village to pick up supplies)
  3. If you can’t live without snacks, cheese, a bottle of wine, etc. then bring these from home if you have space – food is a little more expensive than in New Zealand, Australia and especially the US. Check out our advice in Taking Food to Samoa: What You Need to Know
  4. There are very few dining options outside of Salelologa, so make a plan of where you are going to eat and budget accordingly
  5. Eat out at the cheap restaurants and takeaways we list in this guide to the top cheap eats of Savai’i!

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Cheap Eats on Savai’i – $10 and Under!

Can you really buy food on Savai’i for ST$10?! That’s right, as long as you keep your eyes peeled for “BBQ” signs (and stick around the Salelologa area), finding an ultra-cheap meal on Savai’i isn’t too hard to come by.

Salelologa Market

Those exploring Savai’i’s main town have a few options for cheap eats, however, including the small food court area of Salelologa Market, located in the commercial centre to the south of town (turn left off the ferry then right past Lusia’s Lagoon Chalets). Try local snacks, which are still pretty filling, like pork buns, fried chicken and chips and more. Learn more about Samoa’s markets in the 8 Best Markets in Samoa.

$10 BBQ!

If you’re feeling adventurous and are not too fussed about “menus”, try one of Samoa’s famous roadside barbecues. Most can be spotted on the roadside leading in and out of Salelologa but you might be lucky to see large signs propped up outside of family homes in other villages too. What do you usually get for these “$10 BBQs”? Expect something along the lines of marinated chicken drumsticks with either taro, banana, rice and/or chop suey. A drink is not usually included.

Taefu T. Matafeo Store (Netta’s Cake Shop)

At the northern end of Asaga village near Puapua is the Taefu T. Matafeo Store, which might be famous for its cakes, cupcakes and coffee but they also do an ST$10 hot meal, similar to the $10 BBQs stated above, usually with lamb (mamoe).

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Cheap Eats on Savai’i – $11-$20

Ok, so you don’t need to push the boat out much further to find more variety of cheap meals on Savai’i. There are a couple of affordable cafes well worth seeking out, as well as Samoa’s favourite fast food chain.

Adria’s Cafe

A quaint Western-style cafe in the village of Lalomalava (east coast), Adria’s Cafe delights with coffee, cake and meat-lover meals to see you through your morning or afternoon. Enjoy eggs or pancakes (vegetarian) for breakfast or opt for a hearty beef and eggplant lasagne or teriyaki bowl for lunch.

Harbourside Cafe & Pizza Bar

Open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even for partying on Friday and Saturday nights, Harbourside Cafe & Pizza Bar is a reliable yet affordable dining option in Salelologa. Most of the breakfast, lunch and about half of the dinner menu is under ST$20 with the likes of chicken salad, chicken kebabs, sausage/chicken/fish and chips, sashimi and poke. Find this attractive establishment within walking distance of Salelologa Wharf heading north (and opposite the Savai’i Tourist Information Centre).

DMC Savai’i

Samoa’s home brand of KFC, DMC Savai’i welcomes passengers eagerly at Salelologa Wharf. Expect burger-fries and-drink combos and fish/chicken-chips-and-drink combos to range from ST$17-$25 each, while large sharable meals and buckets of chicken are in the realm of ST$38-$56.

More About Food, Saving Money and Restaurants on Savai’i

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