The Guide to Camping in Samoa ๐Ÿ•๏ธ
The Guide to Camping in Samoa ๐Ÿ•๏ธ

The Guide to Camping in Samoa ๐Ÿ•๏ธ

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How to Camp in Samoa

Zipping open your tent on a pristine beach and popping your toes in the sand is what most of us imagine when camping in Samoa. But can you actually camp in Samoa? While you might not be allowed to camp just anywhere, there is the odd accommodation with a campsite and multi-day adventure tours where tent camping is your only accommodation option. Not forgetting, there’s Samoa’s original form of beach camping; the Samoan beach fale! We go through all of your options for camping in Samoa in the guide below.

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Are You Allowed to Camp in Samoa?

The majority of land in Samoa, including beaches, is owned by local families rather than the “public”. With that in mind, it is illegal to camp on someone’s property in Samoa without asking for permission, giving you very few options for camping.

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Camping Accommodation in Samoa

At the time of writing, there is only one formal accommodation that allows travellers to set up their own tent on its property.

Vaiula Beach Fales

As well as beach fales on the absolute beachfront of Tafatafa Beach, Vaiula Beach Fales offers space for campers to pitch their own tent for a small fee. There are shared bathroom facilities. Food is not included in the cheapest camping rate, but you can opt for breakfast and dinner family-style and even stick around for lunch at the accommodation’s very own cafe and bar with an a la carte menu.

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How Much Does it Cost to Camp in Samoa?

For a tent site in Samoa with no food or bedding included, the cost is approximately ST$20.

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Tours with Camping in Samoa

There are limited multi-day tours in Samoa where no other accommodation is available, therefore, camping is permitted.

Guided Hike to Mt Silisili

Samoa’s highest mountain and a multi-day adventure to tackle, Mt Silisili provides an awesome adventure on Savai’i. As long as you have your own tent, (as well as food, gear you usually hike with, and a guide from A’opo village), you can camp part-way on the journey up Mt Silisili.

It’s best to get an early start by staying with a local family in the village the night before (this, along with a guide for the hike, can be organised through the Savai’i Samoa Tourism Association). It’s a good idea to prepare cash or gifts of food staples to provide for the family you stay with at the beginning/end of the hike.

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The Guide to Camping in Samoa ๐Ÿ•๏ธ©

Beach Fale Camping in Samoa

It’s funny you should want to do some camping in Samoa, because the country’s most iconic style of accommodation just happens to be very similar.

Beach fales are traditional huts raised on the beach, simply equipped with a woven mat, a foam mattress, bedding and a mosquito net. Some are completely open, while others have woven bi-fold panels that you can lower for privacy and protection from the rain. Think of beach fales similar to glamping on the beach. What’s more, an included breakfast and dinner are also usually a staple of the Samoan beach fale stay.

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10 Best Fales for Beach Camping in Samoa

  1. Faofao Beach Fales (Upolu)
  2. Tanu Beach Fales (Savai’i)
  3. Taufua Beach Fales (Upolu)
  4. Lauiula Beach Fales (Savai’i)
  5. Manusina Beach Fales (Upolu)
  6. Falealupo Beach Fales (Savai’i)
  7. Namu’a Island Beach Fales (Upolu)
  8. Joelan Beach Fales (Savai’i)
  9. Jaymy Beach Fales (Upolu)
  10. Se’eti Beach Fales (Savai’i)

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More About Camping in Samoa

That’s it for our guide to camping in Samoa. For alternative accommodations on a budget, as well as more money-saving tips, take a look at the following guides:

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