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10 Most Romantic Things to Do on Savai'i for Couples ❤️ [2023]
10 Most Romantic Things to Do on Savai'i for Couples ❤️ [2023]

10 Most Romantic Things to Do on Savai’i for Couples ❤️


What are the Most Romantic Experiences on Savai’i?

That’s simple. Just being on Savai’i is effortlessly romantic with its white-sand beaches, verdant jungles, blue lagoon waters and quaint villages. All of the experiences we list in this compilation of romantic things to do on Savai’i for couples are just a welcome bonus…

Before scrolling through the list, don’t forget to open up The Wedding, Honeymoon & Romantic Getaway Guide to Savai’i and 10 Most Romantic Honeymoon Accommodations on Savai’i in a new tab – you’ll thank us later.

1. Treat Your Loved One to a Private Dining Experience

As the sun is setting and your toes are in the sand, the ambience of a private sunset dinner is effortlessly romantic. A good repertoire with any of the accommodation hosts on Savai’i, explaining the special occasion, and some tala available may well lead to a romantic picnic set-up on the beach to surprise your loved one. Otherwise, Le Lagoto Resort makes the whole process easy with its “Romantic Dining Lagoon Side” package. The experience includes a bottle of bubbles, a cocktail, a dedicated waiter, a three-course dinner and a romantic dining set-up by the lagoon. Alternatively, Jet Over Hotel in Salelologa is also said to offer private dining.

Location: Le Lagoto Resort, Fagamalo village on the northeast coast. Jet Over Hotel, Salelologa north of the ferry terminal.

10 Most Romantic Things to Do on Savai'i for Couples ❤️ [2023]© Samoa Tourism Authority

2. Take a Tiki Tour Around the Island Together

Savai’i and its endless number of picturesque natural attractions just beg to be explored. Either hire a car on Savai’i or bring a rental car, scooter or bicycle on the ferry from Upolu and you’re all set for taking your own tiki tour around the island. We recommend splitting the trip into at least two days (but more is always better), so follow our suggestions in the A Self-Guided Day Trip Around Savai’i: One Day Itinerary.

Location: See the link above for the locations of places to visit.

10 Most Romantic Things to Do on Savai'i for Couples ❤️ [2023]©

3. Enjoy a “Beach Glamping” Experience in a Beach Fale

Although the more polished accommodations listed in the 10 Most Romantic Wedding & Honeymoon Accommodations on Savai’i are certainly worth staying, there’s something wondrously romantic about staying in a beach fale – like beach glamping! With a prime position on the waterfront and the opportunity to try Samoan home-cooked meals from your host, it’s worth experiencing if only for one night. Check out our recommendations in the 10 Best Beach Fale Accommodations on Savai’i.

Location: See the link above for recommendations and their locations.

10 Most Romantic Things to Do on Savai'i for Couples ❤️ [2023]©

4. Have a Romantic Stroll Along Falealupo Beach

Ok, so long walks on the beach are pretty cliché, but they’re cliché for a reason! One of the most scenic beaches on Savai’i is Falealupo Beach on the northwest coast. The beach stretches for approximately 1km (0.6 mi), is backed by swaying coconut palms and offers decent snorkelling. Note that you’ll need to hire a day fale to visit, which you can do at either Falealupo Beach Fales or Se’eti Beach Fales. For more glorious beaches to discover, also check out the 10 Best Beaches on Savai’i.

Location: Falealupo village off Falealupo Road on the northwest coast. Turn off the main road onto Falealupo Road at Falealupo-utu village.

10 Most Romantic Things to Do on Savai'i for Couples ❤️ [2023]©

5. Buddy Up on a Scuba Diving Trip

As any experienced scuba diver will know, it takes two to enjoy diving safely. If you’re new to diving, Dive Savai’i can show you the ropes (or the tubes?) with scuba diving lessons. Alternatively, enjoy an introductory dive trip together to discover stunning coral formations, turtles, eagle rays, clownfish and nudibranchs in the lagoon. Certified divers can also enjoy a shallow wreck dive of the John Williams V. Note that they operate seasonally, so check out the Dive Savai’i website for dates. Additionally, see The Top 10 Places to Scuba Dive in Samoa for more on the subject.

Location: Fagamalo village (opposite the Le Lagoto Resort) on the northeast coast.

10 Most Romantic Things to Do on Savai'i for Couples ❤️ [2023]© Pixabay

6. Test Your Teamwork in a Double Kayak

You don’t know whether you’re made for each other until you have proven it by navigating a kayak together! Just about every accommodation on Savai’i has kayaks for hire, so have a go and explore the lagoon! You may also want to take some snorkelling gear to make the most of those outer clusters of coral. Be careful of tidal passages near the reef entrances.

Location: All over Savai’i! Get kayaking recommendations from Kakaying in Samoa: Top 10 Places to Kayak.

10 Most Romantic Things to Do on Savai'i for Couples ❤️ [2023]© Samoa Tourism Authority

7. Watch the Sunset at Cape Mulinuu

The westernmost tip of Samoa also just happens to be a glorious environment to watch the sunset with its white-sand beach and rock pools. After venturing down an attractive coconut-lined dirt road, you’ll arrive at Cape Mulinuu. This is a sacred place where, according to Samoan legend, spirits are said to depart to the afterlife. While you’re waiting for the sunset, check out the ancient star mound, a cave and a historical well situated just across the road (learn more in the 10 Best Historical Sites on Savai’i). If there’s a guide around, pay your entry fees and they can share the legends of the site. Otherwise, an interpretation panel stands at the entrance. For more romantic sunset spots, check out the 10 Best Places to Watch the Sunset in Samoa.

Location: Falealupo Road, approximately 2.2km (1.4 mi) south of Falealupo Beach on the northwest coast.

10 Most Romantic Things to Do on Savai'i for Couples ❤️ [2023]©

8. Chase Some Waterfalls

Savai’i is home to a couple of very accessible waterfalls that make for a breathtaking backdrop for your romantic getaway. Afu Aau Waterfall is a highlight with its gorgeous forest trail leading to an aqua-blue swimming hole and plunging waterfall. Alternatively, Mu Pagoa Waterfall is unique in Samoa by being the only waterfall to drop into the Pacific Ocean. See how the waterfalls compare to the 10 Best Waterfalls in Samoa.

Location: Afu Aau Waterfall – Palauli village, signposted off the main road on the southeast coast. Mu Pagoa Waterfall – Between Puleia and Gautavai villages on the southeast coast. Take the driveway/road that turns toward the coast immediately before entering the road bridge from the east side. A local should come out of one of the nearby fales to greet you.

10 Most Romantic Things to Do on Savai'i for Couples ❤️ [2023]©

9. Explore Gorgeous Rainforests

With more endearing backdrops to your travels, Savai’i is the island that just keeps on giving. Join Safua Tours for a 1-hour walk to the Tafua Crater to the melodies of the local birds and where your guide will endeavour to point out Samoa’s fascinating and rare wildlife. What’s more, the top of the crater provides awesome views of the surrounding coastline. Alternatively, the nature walk portion of the Laauoleola Cave (A’opo Cave) tour is simply enchanting as you make your way through mahogany, ifilele, teak, kava, eucalyptus and banyan trees to a 5km (3.1 mi) lava tube! Learn more about these two attractions in the 25 Free & Cheap Things to Do on Savai’i.

Location: Tafua Crater – Tafua-tai village. From Maoto village on the main road, take the road to the coast which is approximately 6km (3.7 mi) to Tafua village. Guides are best hired via the Savai’i Samoa Tourism Association. Laauoleola Cave – A’opo village, signposted off the main road on the northern coast.

10 Most Romantic Things to Do on Savai'i for Couples ❤️ [2023]©

10. Stargaze Under Some of the World’s Clearest Skies

When night falls and the weather is clear, the universe puts on the most mesmerising show made all the clearer thanks to Savai’i’s lack of light pollution. Any of the beach accommodations regularly capture magnificent displays of the Milky Way arm when the conditions are right, but to really get away from light pollution, head to remote places like Cape Mulinuu and Falealupo or Mt Matavanu (4WD only).

Location: All over Savai’i. See The Best Spots for Stargazing in Samoa for specific locations.

10 Most Romantic Things to Do on Savai'i for Couples ❤️ [2023]© Samoa Tourism Authority

More Romantic Things to Do on Savai’i for Couples

Of course, every couple has different tastes and interests so if there’s anything missing from this list of the most romantic things to do on Savai’i for couples, it will probably be in the following articles:

Finally, don’t miss a thing when it comes to planning the perfect getaway by checking out The Wedding, Honeymoon & Romantic Getaway Guide to Samoa.


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