6 Best Places to Surf in Savai'i
6 Best Places to Surf in Savai'i

6 Best Places to Surf in Savai’i

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The Best Surf Breaks in Savai’i

The final frontier of surfing in the South Pacific, Savai’i is rarely visited by your average tourist let alone surfers. As a result, only those well and truly in-the-know decide to bob along on the interisland ferry from Upolu to Samoa’s more traditional and pristine island, Savai’i. While most surfers enjoy the ease and expertise of the surf stay, Aganoa Lodge, those looking for a more independent surfari will find some epic waves for the experienced along the island’s various reefs and channels. We list the best surf breaks here in the best places to surf in Savai’i.

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1. Aganoa Beach (Aganoa Left, Middles, Aganoa Right, Little Left, K-Land, Coconuts and Pastor Point)

With a variety of surf breaks a paddle or a short boat trip from the shore, Aganoa Beach provides an effortless destination for surfers in Savai’i. The west-facing beach on the south side of Savai’i dubbed as the “Surf Coast” is home to Aganoa Right, Aganoa Left and Middles, offering you plenty of fun just outside of Aganoa Lodge. Accessible by boat, there’s also the long K-Land, the fun right of Pastor Point, and the terrifying Coconuts. Savai’i’s only beginner wave, Little Left breaks softly on the reef pass at the end of Aganoa Beach’s lagoon. Learn more about staying at the lodge in the 7 Best Surf Resorts & Lodges in Samoa. Plus, don’t get this beach mixed up with the surf beach in Upolu, which we list in the 10 Best Places to Surf in Upolu.

Location: Aganoa Lodge, signposted off the main road in Fa’a’ala village on the southeast coast of Savai’i.

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2. Satuiatua/Salailua

Along the southwest shores of Savai’i are a number of ridable waves accessible from the neighbouring villages of Satuiatua and Salailua. A good base and access to the beach is from Satuiatua Beach Resort where you’ll find your first break by heading approximately 800 m (875 yards) east of the resort. Here, there’s a lefthander that even breaks on small swells, providing a short hollow ride towards a deep channel. There’s also sometimes a quick righthander on the other side of the channel.

Head further east at the point and you’ll find another lefthander. In big swells and in the right direction, long fast rides are possible here. However, the inside section is very shallow with no channel to peel into, so this is only an attempt for the really experienced.

All of the waves at Statuiatua and Salailua are only ridable at high tide.

Location: Satuiatua Beach Resort, signposted along the Main South Coast Road, Satuiatua, southwest coast of Savai’i.

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3. The Wharf

Boasting clean righthanders on a moderate southeast or southerly swell, The Wharf could be a good option if the conditions are right. Located off the shores of Salelologa at the reef northeast of the ferry channel, The Wharf is not exactly a Savai’i favourite for surfers but it provides a decent alternative place to paddle when it’s not going on elsewhere. Note that the wave is dead on any easterly wind.

Location: Salelologa, at the reef northeast of the wharf.

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4. Malama Lefts

While the east coast or “Sunrise Coast” is not renowned for its surf, Malama Lefts is the exception. Easy to paddle to and ride from shore, Malama Lefts is a good option if you know where to find it… To be honest, we’re still unsure so we recommended asking a local.

Location: Between Pu’apu’a and Papalaulaelei, North Coast Road, northeast coast of Savai’i.

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5. Asau and Vaisala Bays

An excellent option for independent surfers, Asau is one of the rare areas along the north coast of Savai’i where you can find reef breaks. Otherwise, the coast is dominated by lava rock. There are at least a dozen established surf breaks off the coast of Asau and Vaisala Bays, from easy left walls to big swell rights. In this area, the swell direction will determine where you go. On the flip side, most breaks here are easy to spot and paddle to from land.

Location: Asau, Auala and Vaisala villages, Main North Coast Road, along the northwest coast of Savai’i.

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6. The Leap

One for the truly insane, The Leap is big, dangerous and only accessible by boat, which can be tricky to source along this quiet stretch of coastline with no commercial boats or resorts. The surf break works best with a south swell combined with a northeasterly wind.

Location: Just north of Fagafau village, along the Main South Coast Road, west coast of Savai’i.

6 Best Places to Surf in Savai'i© SamoaPocketGuide.com

More About Surf in Savai’i

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