10 Best Guided Tours on Savai'i
10 Best Guided Tours on Savai'i

10 Best Guided Tours on Savai’i

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The Best Savai’i Tours and Guided Experiences

Nothing compares to the expertise, insights and fascinating tidbits that local guides can provide. With specific entry customs for natural attractions, most sights being on private land, and, not to mention, the maps and road signs being pretty vague, you might just find it easier to use a local guide on Savai’i. We’ve picked out the best guided island tours (in other words, sightseeing tours), as well as activity-specific tours, such as cycling, caving, surfing and fishing so you can have effortless fun exploring Savai’i.

Almost all of the tours on this list of guided tours on Savai’i are based on the island. For some tour options from Upolu, check out the 10 Best Day Tours of Savai’i instead.

1. Island Tour and Koko Plantation Tour – Savai’i Tours

Want to see Savai’i? Join local guide, Nu’u of Savai’i Tours for either one of his island sightseeing tours or koko (cocoa) plantation tour (or both)! Departing from Va-i-Moana Seaside Lodge, the Koko Plantation Tour has you seeing the koko cultivation process from seedlings to dried cocoa beans. The tour also includes a demonstration on how to make koko Samoa (Samoan hot chocolate) with tastings! Alternatively, Savai’i Tours offers sightseeing trips around Savai’i, such as to Afu Aau Waterfall and the Alofaaga Blowholes, in an air-conditioned minivan with pick-ups from just about anywhere. Find out more about your sightseeing options in the 10 Best Day Tours of Savai’i.

Location: Koko Plantation Tour – Va-i-Moana Seaside Lodge, between Auala and Asau villages on the northwest coast. Otherwise, pick-ups are available.

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2. Island Tour – Falealupo Beach Fales

This beach fale accommodation might be seemingly situated on the edge of the earth on the far-western beach of Falealupo, but the guys and gals of Falealupo Beach Fales will still make sure you can see the highlights. Join their Island Tour with return transfers included to enjoy a trip to the iconic Alofaaga Blowholes and take a dip at the Afu Aau Waterfall. You’ll also be treated to local fruit and coconuts to drink throughout the excursion. Learn more about staying at the fales in the 10 Best Beach Fale Accommodations on Savai’i.

Location: Falealupo Beach Fales, Falealupo Beach down Falealupo Road. Falealupo Road can be accessed from Falealupo-uta village along the main road on the northwest coast.

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3. Laauoleola Cave and Forest Tour

Hidden among the lush forest of the remote A’opo village, Laauoleola Cave is more than just your quick roadside attraction. A 15-minute forest trail through mahogany, ifilele, teak, kava, eucalyptus and banyan trees is just the beginning… As you begin to approach the entrance of Laauoleola Cave, you’ll hear the unusual clicking of swiftlets as they move in and out of the caves. Then, it’s up to you to decide how far you walk through the large lava tube that is said to span 5km (3.1 mi) under the surface! It’s a short flat walk (with a few muddy patches) through the cave to the first descent, which the guides can organise a ladder should you want to continue – let them know you would like to do this before you begin the tour. The walk is fully (and casually) guided. The guide has a torch but you might want to also bring your own.

Location: A’opo village, signposted off the main road on the northern coast.

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4. Dwarfs Cave Tour

Certainly the most adventurous cave tour in Samoa, Dwarf’s Cave (Nu’u le Tau) is significant to the local village for its legends. Signs from the main road point toward Paia village, where you can hire a guide to take you through this cave. The experience takes you approximately 40m (44 yards) into the cave, which initially has some confined spaces (not recommended if you’re claustrophobic) that will have you walking, crawling and sometimes wading or swimming. Prepare for clothes and shoes to get wet. Plus, bring a torch if you have one. For more cave tours, check out the 10 Best Caves in Samoa.

Location: Paia village. Follow signs inland off the main road to Dwarf’s Cave from the northeast coast.

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5. Snorkelling and Scuba Diving Tours – Dive Savai’i

From lagoon snorkelling by boat among the turtles, eagle rays, clownfish and nudibranchs to a shallow wreck dive of the John Williams V, there are some interesting snorkel and dive sites around Savai’i for new and seasoned divers alike. Dive Savai’i is a PADI-affiliated operation offering a range of recreational dives, courses and snorkelling tours. Note that they operate seasonally, so check out the Dive Savai’i website for dates. Additionally, see The Top 10 Places to Scuba Dive in Samoa and 10 Best Snorkelling Tours in Samoa for more on the subject.

Location: Fagamalo village (opposite the Le Lagoto Resort) on the northeast coast.

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6. Island Tour – Amoa Resort

Not only does the Amoa Resort offer an array of in-resort cultural activities (see the 8 Best Cultural Activities on Savai’i), but they also have a generous offering of island tours. Their Full Day Southern Savai’i Tour takes you to the likes of Salelologa Market, Alofaaga Blowholes and either Lata’s Polynesian Rock Mound and Lover’s Leap, Afu Aau Waterfall, the Siapo Demonstration or for a climb up to the Tafua Crater. Or, take the Full Day North Eastern Savai’i Tour to see the Saleaula Lava Field and Laauoleola Cave. Private tours to your chosen attractions are also available on request.

Location: Amoa Resort, Faga village on the east coast.

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7. Fishing Tour – Amoa Resort and Va-i-Moana Seaside Lodge

Head out on the azure waters to catch Pacific pelagics, such as mahimahi, yellowfin tuna, sailfish, trevally and more on a private fishing charter. Enjoy a day of snorkelling, fishing and lunch with Amoa Resort‘s own 30ft boat exclusively for your group of up to five guests (minimum age 18 years old). Alternatively, get in touch with Va-i-Moana Seaside Lodge in Asau Bay for a personalised fishing experience of either a half- or full-day charter on one of their two fishing boats. For more on getting “hooked” in Samoa, head to The Ultimate Guide to Fishing in Samoa.

Location: Amoa Resort – Tours depart from their resort in Faga village on the east coast. Va-i-Moana Seaside Lodge – Between Auala and Asau villages in Asau Bay on the northwest coast.

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8. Tafua Crater Birdwatching Tour – Safua Tours

On this 1-hour walk to the Tafua Crater, your guide from Safua Tours will endeavour to point out Samoa’s fascinating and rare wildlife, such as the manumea (tooth-billed pigeon) and flying foxes. The top of the crater provides awesome views of the surrounding coastline and villages. Bring acceptable walking shoes and binoculars if you have them. For more hiking tours, check out the 6 Best Walks & Hikes on Savai’i.

Location: Tafua-tai village. From Maoto village on the main road, take the road to the coast which is approximately 6km (3.7 mi) to Tafua village. Guides are best hired via the Savai’i Samoa Tourism Association.

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9. Cycling Tour – Outdoor Samoa

Experience Savai’i by bike on a multi-day cycling tour with Outdoor Samoa. Enjoy a fully guided experience of either four or nine days with bikes/e-bikes, vehicle support, accommodation, water and most food included. Spend the mornings cycling roughly 40km (25 mi) and spend the afternoons swimming and snorkelling from your beach fale accommodation. The tour also gives you the opportunity to stop off at the Alofaaga Blowholes, as well as lava caves and lava fields.

Location: Tour packages start on Upolu with transfers meeting flights. Check out The Ultimate Guide to Mountain Biking in Samoa for more information.

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10. Surf Tour – Aganoa Lodge

The final frontier of surfing in the South Pacific, Savai’i provides a number of reef breaks ideal for the seasoned surfer. If you’re serious about surfing, book yourself some nights at Aganoa Lodge, a surf lodge with professional surf guides who know the area and can organise the fees paid to local villages for using their reef breaks. There are more than 10 surf breaks within driving distance of the lodge, so there’s plenty to unpack. See the 10 Best Places to Surf in Samoa for more on the subject.

Location: Aganoa Lodge – Signposted off the main road in Fa’a’ala village on the southeast coast.

10 Best Guided Tours on Savai'i© Samoa Tourism Authority

More Guided Tours on Savai’i

That’s it for our list of the best guided tours on Savai’i but if you can fit more into your itinerary, why not take a look at these?

Finally, if there’s anything we’ve missed, you’re likely to find it in 50 BEST Things to Do on Savai’i.


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