7 Best Day Tours of Savai'i 🏝️ [2023]
7 Best Day Tours of Savai'i 🏝️ [2023]

8 Best Day Tours of Savai’i 🏝️ [2024]

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Explore the Largest and, Arguably, the Most Stunning Island of Samoa with the Best Day Tours of Savai’i

You can’t come all the way to Samoa and not visit Savai’i. If you don’t have your own vehicle to visit the waterfalls, blowholes, caves and breathtaking beaches, then day tours of the island are an ideal solution. Some of the island’s resorts and beach fales offer their own day tours of Savai’i, usually picking just one side of the island due to its sheer size. Alternatively, day tours of Savai’i are available from Upolu, even if we highly recommend working Savai’i into your holiday itinerary for more than just a day. We go through both scenarios in this list of the best day tours of Savai’i.

1. Afu Aau Waterfall and Alofaaga Blowholes Tour – Savai’i Tours

For an on-island operator and Savai’ian guide, consider a day tour of Savai’i with Savai’i Tours. Your guide, Nu’u, can organise the ideal personalised tour to see the sights you’re most interested in. There are half-day and full-day options, with a popular run being along the south coast of Savai’i to check out the famous Alofaaga Blowholes, as well as the serene swimming spot of the Afu Aau Waterfall. Savai’i Tours also works with Va-i-Moana Seaside Lodge, should you want to take an island trip or a koko Samoa plantation tour from this popular accommodation. Find out more about the latter in the 11 Best Foodie Experiences on Savai’i. Otherwise, pick-ups at Salelologa Wharf are included.

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2. Southern Tour of Savai’i – Samoa Scenic

Should you want to experience a day tour of Savai’i coming from the main island, Upolu, then check out the Savai’i tours with Samoa Scenic. After an early pick-up from your resort, take the 8 am ferry to Salelologa where you’ll begin your journey either along the south or north coast depending on the tour you’ve chosen. The “Southern Tour of Savai’i” includes stops at the iconic Alofaaga Blowholes and Afu Aau Waterfall, as well as a cultural experience at the Siapo Demonstration. Although there is the “Northern Tour of Savai’i” also to choose from, we can’t condone it due to the turtle enclosure they visit, as explained in the 10 Best Places to See Turtles in Samoa.

Tours include lunch, attraction entry fees and hotel transfers. Note that you can also do this tour if you’re staying on Savai’i.

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3. Southern Savai’i Tour – Amoa Resort

Not only does the Amoa Resort offer an array of in-resort cultural activities (see the 8 Best Cultural Activities on Savai’i), but they also have a generous offering of island tours of Savai’i. Their “Full Day Southern Savai’i Tour” takes you to the likes of Salelologa Market, Alofaaga Blowholes and either Lata’s Polynesian Rock Mound and Lover’s Leap, Afu Aau Waterfall, the Siapo Demonstration or for a climb up to the Tafua Crater. Or, take the “Full Day North Eastern Savai’i Tour” to see the Saleaula Lava Field and Laauoleola Cave. Private tours to your chosen attractions are also available on request.

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4. Savai’i Island Full Day Tour – Return to Paradise Resort

A small selection of resorts on Upolu offers day tours of Savai’i including your ferry transfer. For example, Return to Paradise Resort‘s “Savai’i Full Day Tour” makes it easy for guests of this remote resort to explore the big island. The tour mainly ventures down the south coast of Savai’i, including the must-see Alofaaga Blowholes on the way to the gorgeous white sands and historical sites of Falealupo Beach. The itinerary is ever-changing, so be sure to inquire at the resort’s tour desk.

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5. Island Tour – Falealupo Beach Fales

This beach fale accommodation might be seemingly situated on the edge of the earth on the far-western Savai’i beach of Falealupo, but the guys and gals of Falealupo Beach Fales will still make sure you can see the highlights. Join their “Island Tour” with return transfers included to enjoy a trip to the iconic Alofaaga Blowholes and take a dip at the Afu Aau Waterfall. You’ll also be treated to local fruit and coconuts to drink throughout the excursion. Learn more about staying at the fales in the 10 Best Beach Fale Accommodations on Savai’i.

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6. Curated Savai’i Tours – Sunshine Samoa Tours

Whatever you want to do and whatever you want to see, chances are Silu from Sunshine Samoa Tours can make it happen. Offering personalised tours of Upolu and Savai’i, Sunshine Samoa Tours is a very flexible and affordable tour company that can plan itineraries ranging from half days to multiple days! Along the way, you’ll receive down-to-earth yet engaging commentary from your knowledgeable guide who will teach you more about the Samoan culture and history, resulting in a very fulfilling experience.

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7. Savai’i Island Tour – Coconuts Beach Club Resort & Spa

Another Upolu resort making sure you don’t miss the beautiful island of Savai’i during your holidays, Coconuts Beach Club Resort & Spa boasts an array of day tours, including a “Savai’i Island Tour”. You’ll be transported to the 8 am ferry where you’ll also be treated to snacks on board. Then, enjoy a guided tour across the island with highlights being the Saleaula Lava Field, the Afu Aau Waterfall and, of course, the Alofaaga Blowholes. The tour concludes back at the resort at 4 pm.

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8. Savai’i Full Day Tour – Chef John Tours

Personalise your day tour to Savai’i with exceptional cuisine included with Chef John Tours. You’ll catch the ferry with John at 8 am and return to the wharf for crossing back to Upolu at 3:30 pm; the rest of the day is up to you. Due to the location of the Alofaaga Blowholes, you can either see the blowholes plus two other sites or three sites excluding the blowholes. All you have to do is pick your sites from the Afu Aau Waterfall, the Saleaula Lava Fields, Manase Beach, Amoa Resort’s Lagoon Deck or Lusia’s Lagoon Chalets. Either way, Chef John will spruce up a fresh feast of grilled mahimahi, ulu (breadfruit) and a salad of local produce served with a refreshing niu (drinking coconut). If you want to see one extra site, there’s also the option of a prepacked lunch.

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